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15+ Times People Just Had To Be Called Out

Sure, we all like to try to sneak one past the goaltender from time to time, but there always seems to be someone around to call out our shenanigans, doesn't there?

At least it doesn't usually happen that they get it on camera and spread it around the internet, so there's that.

Not exactly a Renaissance moment, but still worth capturing for posterity.

Reddit | copioustoast

"A year ago I got black-out drunk at a charity bar crawl," explained the uploader. "My best friend commissioned a painting of his favorite photo of me from that night."

When the truth is the scariest thing about Halloween.

Reddit | brunosa

The sign on the girl on the left translates to "Saturday at night," while the sign on the right is "Sunday morning."

"I really need to figure out what they are doing to my son at school," wrote the uploader.

Reddit | LordAcoustic

No doubt! Whatever happened between this kid leaving home and the moment that picture was taken sure must have been worth a good story.

That logo doesn't work as well as they'd hoped.

Reddit | Booyacaja

And there is a huge, huge difference between an "I" and an "A" in this case.

When you let a kid design his own birthday cake, don't be too surprised to get something unique.

Reddit | Tenenentenen

Will he get to design his own cake next year? Who knows? But good job keeping his folks honest!

Was it something the class did?

Reddit | bro_gabe

I mean, they probably shouldn't complain much about not having to take a quiz, but it's also not the day to test the teacher, either. Somebody sure did something.

Okay, we have to call out this slide.

Reddit | cothhum

It's not like elephants don't have parts of their anatomy that already resemble slides and aren't coming out of their butts. It had to be said.

Well, that's one way to address the blackouts in California.

Reddit | heckkinitup

In one way, she's rolling with it, embracing the return to pioneer times. In another, she's really sticking it to PG&E.

He's got the spirit!

Reddit | steelystan

I like to think this guy is calling out his entire office for not dressing up for Halloween, and not that he's sadly the only one in costume.

That's...technically accurate.

Reddit | yannivzp

It fittingly describes what happens at a butcher's shop. But I still think the translation leaves a whole lot to be desired.

Ah yes, someone just brought a fresh cat pillow home from the grocery store.

Reddit | Alextricity

Does it do any good to call out a pet? No. Does it still make you feel better? Absolutely.

And it's a whole lot more preferable than actually being a dog pillow.

Reddit | cmtape

You know who really needs to be called out here? The photographer. You've got to help out here, this is nasty.

I, uh, I don't want to be the one to tell this little pooch what the deal is here.

Reddit | Ritaguo

Honestly, as long as she's being accepted for who she is, it's fine. Let's just let her be.

Yeah, come on, John, get it together, bud.

Reddit | Noworknoeat

It's probably a prank, but maybe, just maybe, one of those pranks that's not really a prank, you know?

Again, the translator might want to brush up a bit.

Reddit | Datros9

I mean, that stuff in the tray doesn't look that appetizing anyway, but the card isn't going to help sales one bit.

Could be just about any city.

Reddit | Misterstealyogirl

Maybe this is why that sign was calling out John. And honestly, sometimes you just have to express your frustration.

It's healthy to let it out, or so I hear.

I feel attacked.

Reddit | O_Thanos

Not only is it spot on, they look better than I do in every single photo in existence. Ugh.

No, wait, now I feel attacked.

Reddit | khoidangle

The only saving grace is that it's an obvious joke. A real procrastinator, like me, would never get around to putting up a sign and stuff. Just thinking about it is exhausting.

Really, this will help the trainees learn.

The label gun is a privilege, not a right. But yes, I'm more of a boneless doughnut fan than bone-in.

So, um, this could be awkward.

Reddit | poodaveeda

Unless there's a second box right next to it full of "So You're Going To Die" pamphlets, they should really keep this stocked up.

"Went kayaking this morning. I just want Bryan to know he's an asshole," wrote the uploader.

Reddit | inavanbytheriver

Come on, Bryan, we all know where garbage belongs, and it's not in our waterways. Get your head in the game.

See? The world wants fewer Bryans, not more.

Reddit | Wewwwwwwwwww

Thirty Helens agree, littering is immature, unkind, and downright unwelcome. Also, it's not that hard to just not litter, and this comes from a world-class procrastinator, remember.

"Haven't found my fisheye lens for weeks," wrote the uploader. "My mom used it as a clipper."

Reddit | ur1m

Sorry, ur1m's mom, but they're right to comment. You've done plenty for your child, I'm sure, but that's clearly not for keeping cereal fresh.

Well, this is probably management's fault.

Reddit | rawkout1337

I mean, if you want people to do something, just tell them they can't do it. Works every time. It's super effective.

"Wife asked me toss the sheets in the washer and set it to the hottest temp."

Reddit | Mithmorthmin

The instructions could have been much more clear, at least for me and this husband, and I regularly do the laundry in my house.

I know two of the answers are wrong, but should it be Warm/Warm or Hot/Cold? I honestly don't know.

"I asked my husband to make sure the kitchen counter was clean."

Reddit | HardPass10

I guess it works both ways! Being technically right is awesome, but it often comes with hidden costs. Wonder how it worked out for this literal-minded hubby.

It's dazzling to see in action, isn't it?

Reddit | GluteusOfAluminum

You'd almost be able to see the equations being calculated in this guy's head if any were happening.

It's okay though, we've all had that brain cramp where raising a hand is easier than turning a hat around.

Not exactly method acting.

Reddit | notatrolloracop

Well, he probably also didn't just grab it off the shelf and shout out "Arrr, avast me hearties, yo ho ho I be taking this bottle o' rum," either. Pretty half-hearted piracy all around.

Feels like the graphic designer cut some corners, doesn't it?

Reddit | ProcInc2

But seriously, could we get some kind of a crossover here? It's the film Daniel Day-Lewis was born to be in.

Points for creativity, sure.

Reddit | Smadanek

I guess that's what marketing is all about: finding new and interesting ways to move product. Who knows, maybe someone will be inspired to have a very non-traditional Christmas display.

"How to spot a psychopath."

Reddit | DarkMessiah

Well, that might be going a bit far, but eating an orange like it's an apple, without even taking the rind off, seems like either a way to assert your dominance at the top of the food chain or a way to pay off losing a bet.

Cold, cold Cornish Hearts.

Reddit | pumafab

I mean, they have to find an advantage over their neighbor, I suppose, and they've targeted the mermaid's weak spots for sure. It's cutthroat and I love it.

When the hustle doesn't pay off.

I mean, it's not wrong for a woman to think highly of her hubby, but stiffing a friendly waitress for being friendly seems more than a little petty.

Boy, that has to be a fun marriage!

It's not what it looks like, I swear!

Reddit | dadwholikescartoons

The person who uploaded this explained that their wife had pointed out how "vaginal" the instructions as to how to open their bag of prescriptions looked.

And, well, I'll let you be the judge of that!

Tigerair hit back hard!

Twitter | Tigerair Australia

It's quite refreshing to see a large corporation airline taking time out of their day of delaying people's holidays to call out some asinine YouTube "celebrities."


Reddit | bokeefus

Wow, I'm sure that the person who drives this car must have dolled up for them!

Wardrobe malfunction.

Reddit | askingforfriendxyz

This kid was actually bought this t-shirt by his parents (who are German) who didn't know what "5uck my D1Ck" meant. They then sent this kid to school in said t-shirt and had to have the shirt explained by a teacher!

Never too young to start beating the system!

Reddit | ryansgt

Either she is trying to say that she did the sum in her head, or that she got the answer through divine intervention. Both answers are impressive, I guess!

You get what you ask for.

Reddit | broski0115

The little emoji face really sells it. I wonder whether this would make them tip more or less in future?


Reddit | SayLittleDoMuch

How do you people even know that is a real cat? It could be fake, or taxidermy — actually, a taxidermy cat would be creepier as they'd be dead hairs all over it.

Half man, half goat!

Reddit | nojvdgement

This person's cousin was so drunk that they ate through the paper around their "favourite drunk snack." How do you not know you are doing this regardless of how drunk you are?!

He must have misread the memo.

Reddit | ChickenFilletRoll

You can feel this kid's embarrassment through the screen! In fairness, a whole load of Elvises would probably make for a more entertaining nativity!

False advertising

Twitter | Derren Brown

Incognito really underestimated the impact that actually tagging people can have on Twitter.

Maybe I should do something like this to try and talk to celebrities online? Oh, wait, no I shouldn't do this, 'cause it's weird!

This dog clearly wasn't a fan of snow.


This dog probably thought, "There's no way anyone will find out that I'm scared of how cold the snow makes my tootsies feel!" Well, thanks to your owner, now the whole internet knows!

Fake news.

Twitter | chris o'dowd

I think the headline here should have been how much Chris O'Dowd is rocking that moustache! I can't wait for it to be widely acceptable to sport a moustache once again!

The truth hurts.

Reddit | sheepery

They're right! You know for a fact that cats would leave your message on "Read" and not have the decency to reply even if you double messaged!

"A student said I looked like Miss Frizzle today. I teach science."

Reddit | hmankowski

And you thought you could go through life resembling a beloved cartoon character that closely, and not be called out for it? Shame on you!

So close.

Reddit | ledgendary

And really, if you're going alphabetically, it's not even that close. Allison is waaaaaay above lots of other names.

Art of the sale.

Reddit | Axwe8

This guy is one hell of a salesman! I mean, it's suspicious enough on its own that the box they're supposed to be in isn't in the picture!

Prophet of Rage.

Reddit | overdosed93

Dave didn't know that Tom Morello had the political chops from Harvard. He also had apparently never listened to any of Tom's music because, let's just say, it gets political from time to time.

All in good fun.

Reddit | thisismeonlymenotyou

This is heartwarming content right here. An internet faux pas occurs, but instead of piling on, Matthew Federman goes for the merciful option after Emma acknowledges her gaffe.

No sleep 'til frolfin'.

Reddit | Jaydeeem89

Disc golf/frolf might not be for everyone, but it has its fans. They'll be flooding my inbox just for calling their chosen sport 'frolf.' Judging from this frolf enthusiast's expression, the billboard took him by surprise.

Homeward bound.

Reddit | jgmacky

Every month or so, a story hits the news about a lost pet who tracks down its family after a miles-long journey. When pets aren't lost, but abandoned, they seem to hold a grudge.

A masterpiece.

Reddit | jread

If this guy thought he could make his derpy Doberman look a little less derpy by commissioning a classy portrait, he was sadly mistaken. This is still worthy of being framed, though.

On photo day, you should express yourself.

Reddit | WorkFriendlyAcct

Most kids just wear their best clothes and plaster a smile on their faces, but not this kid. The photographer's been taking forever and this kid doesn't have all day.

The hero we need.

Reddit | HopsRs

I'm guessing this guy has sent this message in company-wide emails but continues to see the same mistakes being made. He's taken to the streets with his message.

Maybe he's shouting into the void, but he's a bonafide hero in my book.

Classic Tony.

Reddit | Mkanpur

Tony Hawk has gone from world-renowned skater to world-renowned video game figurehead to world-renowned guy who never quite gets recognized for who he is. It's a weird trajectory.

When you learn that life isn't fair.

Reddit | sahie

"I took a picture of the moment my two kids realized all the donuts at the party had been eaten while they were off playing on the swings," wrote the Redditor who posted this hilarious image.

Just couple things.

Reddit | s-poon

On the left is a pic taken by this guy's girlfriend. On the right is a pic he took of his girlfriend. This is the stuff strong relationships are made of.


Reddit | kiddsky

This isn't an example of serendipitous ad placement (it's a sticker that was planned that way). But still, good job on the artist for calling out big oil and gas companies. Like, cut it out, Shell.

A well-rounded coworker.

Reddit | kittythedog

This was a going-away present for a coworker who believes the Earth is flat. It's a funny way to call out his weird beliefs, but I'm more intrigued by the fact that this globe is old enough to include the Soviet Union.


Reddit | AlphaGrayWolf

Do you know anyone who has a nonsensical tattoo in a different alphabet? Don't show them this pic. This Chinese speaker is showing what these silly tattoos look like in his eyes.

It's part of the ages now.

Reddit | smunozmo

Sometimes, you've gotta work even though your dog really wants to play fetch. Sometimes, your dog just isn't going to take no for an answer and might ruin your day in the process.

Better check with HR.

Reddit | Pwnography161

I know it isn't possible to know every single one of your coworkers if you work for a big company, but surely you could do some research on the guy whose pics you want.

Parenting 101.

Reddit | Big-D_OdoubleG

"My wife forgot to leave for me the car seat to take our son to the babysitter's house," wrote this prank-loving Redditor. "This is the picture I sent when she asked how I was going to get him there. I then turned off my phone for the next 4 hours."

The forensic evidence is right there.

Reddit | Salegosse

This sausage theft is made all the more galling by the fact that the cat clearly doesn't care about incriminating itself. It's like a criminal who leaves a calling card to taunt detectives.

So cute!

Reddit | ChumbaWambah

Snapchat filters have some advanced features. But they're not advanced enough to know when to lay off of someone who a) clearly doesn't want their picture taken, and b) might be thinking of murdering the photographer.

Old School Fool.

Reddit | tenshi2001

The key to Reddit karma is repurposing content that others have created, and attaching a false narrative to it. It isn't often that OP is called on their BS, but it sure is satisfying when it does happen.

Well, tell us something.

Reddit | ItalianGreyhounds

Okay, so this guy isn't going to tell us how to prepare for a triathlon. But he's jacked AF, so I'm sure he has something cool to tell us.

Context is critical.

Reddit | crystal_violetyt

It's just a thing that has caused more tears than Field of Dreams and "Cat's in the Cradle" combined, amirite?

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