20 Designs That Took Some Talent To Mess Up So Badly

Ashley Hunte
A wooden door that matches the design of the walls around it. Male/female bathroom symbols can faintly be seen in the wood.
reddit | overlord5527

I'm actually convinced that making a really bad design takes almost as much talent as making a really good one. I mean, some bad designs out there feel too bad to even be accidents.

Like the ones in this list. I'm not saying they were intentionally bad, but these kinds of poor skills could almost be marketed.

"Just make the cat look natural."

A screenshot for a product page showing a cat "jumping" onto a cat tree.
reddit | AmIAwakeOr

I can tell you right now that somebody made this badly on purpose. Because it's so bad, it almost makes you want to go out and buy this thing for your own cat.

"Spider-Man in a Spider Car."

A Spider-Man statue sitting in a toy mall car with a Spider-Man design on it.
reddit | thicc__GOD

You know how Batman has his Batmobile? Well it looks like Spider-Man has his... Spideymobile? Uh... yeah.

I'm not even going to think about the fact that he doesn't have eyes on that mask.

"SpongeBob pinata."

A SpongeBob pinata with a completely brown mouth.
reddit | DodoDada33

This looks like what happens when SpongeBob has one too many chocolate milkshakes. It also happens to look like something straight out of one of my nightmares. I really hope someone beats it with a stick at some point.

"Are the construction workers playing tic tac toe or something?"

Several light switch plates and blank plates lined up on a wall.
reddit | Eggnog_Manipulation

This looks like the construction crew had no idea where the wires were coming out and just kind of... cut holes everywhere. I feel like you definitely have to try to mess up this badly.

"It said push on the other side too, at least one side was correct."

A door that says "push" on the handle. The door is slightly open, showing that it's clearly a pull door.
reddit | while-she-sleeps

I guess they had two push handles and couldn't be bothered to fix it? I'm not gonna lie, this is more annoying than anything else.

"Let's emboss our logo onto the makeup pad on both sides so when our customers use it, the logo perfectly tears away."

A Q shape indented in a makeup pad. On a second pad, the shape has been cut out due to moisture,
reddit | PunnyBaker

Something tells me whoever decided on the design for these cotton pads didn't watch Squid Game, because, well, you know.

"This bathroom in my local shopping mall (The hand dryer at the end is the only working one)."

A dryer at the end of a line of sinks in a public washroom. A stall wall sits too close to the sinks, making the passage to the one on the end as well as the dryer, too narrow for more than one person.
reddit | jimmybisdead

I think this restroom could've benefited from having one less stall. Because, like, this is just hilariously bad. So utterly ridiculous.

"Found at the thrift store... 4 separate languages."

A clock displaying numbers in word form, in English, French, Spanish, and German.
reddit | cinnabun_sio

I have a theory that people go out of their way to make clocks that might look kind of cool, but aren't meant to actually tell time. This would totally be one of them.

"Pot lid is like a bath toy bc it holds old nasty swamp water from the dishwasher under the handle. The only way to get the water out is a Philips head screwdriver."

A pot lid with visible water between the glass layer and the handle.
reddit | BrainBlob

Oh man, that's kind of gross. And definitely not well thought out at all.

"My wife bought me a beard straightener. It has a setting that turns your face into an ice cube 0°F (-18°C)."

A straightening device with a temperature switch that gives a 0 degrees Fahrenheit option.
reddit | tattoomoto

Okay, but like, why? Why does anyone need to straighten their bear hair at temperatures below the freezing point of water?

"I love Laga Dyga!"

A sign that reads Laga Dyga from left to right, but when looked at going up to down from left to right actually reads Lady GaGa.
reddit | oscarmosh

I feel a little bit embarrassed at how long it took me to realize that this sign is supposed to say Lady Gaga. I straight up thought it was the name of some European pop star for a second there.

"I think that pole is crucial to the store's infrastructure."

A building with a pole sticking into one window, seemingly holding the roof up.
reddit | Lamosus

I feel like this is one of those things where people aren't going to fix it for fear of actually making things worse. If it ain't broke, I guess...

Someone was having fun with the word placement.

A sign that reads, "No smoking stop motor while being served," but partially horizontal and partially vertical.
reddit | kimslawson

But just because they had fun, doesn't mean they did a good job with it. Unless the point was to confuse anyone who tried to read the sign. In which case, they did a good job!

"Seems like a good idea having two guys pissing beside me while I wash my hands."

Urinals on either side of a pedestal sink.
reddit | JPsena523

I swear, every single public bathroom was designed by someone who just picked places to stick urinals and stalls at random. Like, what even is this!?

"Pink carpet in a bathroom."

A bathroom with pink carpet in it.
reddit | I_Am_Trashcan_Man

Carpeted bathrooms should be outlawed, to be honest. I can't believe there was a time when this was a style.

And this one not only has carpet, but it's an ugly shade of pink, too!

Is it mold? Is it dirt? Is it... the design?

A button down shirt with splotchy designs on it that look like stains.
reddit | TheJoshyRedditor

Spoiler alert: it's the design. I personally can't believe this was allowed to hit the shelves. But at the same time, I feel like we shouldn't be that surprised at this point.

"Toilet sign at a hotel."

A wooden bathroom door that matches the walls around it. A bathroom sign is faintly visible on the door.
reddit | overlord5527

I mean, the wood paneling all over the walls and door is pretty bad to begin with. But the way the bathroom sign blends in with the door is especially bad. No way this was an accident.

"The glitter of this hourglass sticks to the glass, making it almost impossible to see through at times. The glitter also gets stuck quite frequently."

An hourglass filled with glitter that clings to the glass.
reddit | Greentoaststone

A sparkly hourglass seems awesome in theory. But this is just dumb. Like, glitter? Really?

"Pillars on the side of an apartment building."

A random set of pillars on the side of a building that has no doors or windows.
reddit | kayden6322

It almost feels like this was supposed to be the entrance to the building and they just... never moved the pillars. So instead, they just let the building look dumb. Cool.

"This driveway and 2 car garage."

A driveway that leads to the side of a house's garage.
reddit | SmugFrog

The driveway itself is so skinny, too. It's like somebody planned this to be the ugliest, most pointless walkup to a house ever. Here's hoping the homeowners don't have more than one car.