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40 Happy Accidents That Just Felt Right

Life is imperfect, and sometimes, accidents can happen.

Like, a lot.

Most of the time, they are awful. But sometimes, they're super cool. And when things go wrong but in return go so, so right, that's a massive blessing that should not go unnoticed.

Here are some happy accidents that just feel so right.

1. This iconic mom who sent pics of herself instead of her car.

Twitter | @mirandaasantos

I mean, it is an auto insurance claim, so yes, she should have known. But then, this gorgeous moment wouldn't have happened.

2. This guy who was twinning with the dude in the stall beside him.

Reddit | crazinem

What a moment of two worlds colliding. Same color and everything.

Now all we can do is wonder: Who wore it best?

3. Well, isn't this...grand?

Reddit | Fortune500Con

I mean, what are the chances of this rather bold display? Pillsbury Doughboy, you've quite out dough-ed yourself, if I do say so myself. Dat dough, doe, amirite?

4. How very fitting...well, maybe not for the cockroach...

Reddit | onesneakymofo

Like Thor's hammer!!!

5. This wafer-less Kit Kat bar.

Reddit | SwankyRavioli

And honestly, I think this is a blessing, but I know that is a...bold statement. But truly, wafers come and go — but chocolate is forever.

6. This gorgeous chicken nugget that is shaped like a heart.

Reddit | P0ib

Look, I love chicken nugs, but I didn't know how chicken nugs felt about me until this moment, ya know?

7. I mean, nugs are the love of my life, sothis feels...right, you know?

Knowing that the love is reciprocated, knowing that the love is mutual feels like a golden, deep-fried hug.

8. This drugstore employee whose trolling got a little too sticker happy.

Reddit | FartStainsAreBad

I hope everyone got this joke. I hope they just laughed and did NOT try to follow the instructions.

9. I bet you never thought sitting on your sticky bun would reveal a honey-glazed E.T.

Reddit | cheftlp1221

It just wants to phone home!

10. There's a story here, and I don't know if the world is ready for it.

Reddit | Dash56

I mean, I'm no candy expert. I am also no earplug expert. But, how? How are these two things ever confused for each other?

Yeah, no. Nope. That's gonna be a hard no for me.

Mind you, this is a hella funny story, but also someone's actual reality. Someone tried to eat earplugs, everyone.

11. I mean, who doesn't love a spicy pad thai? 

Reddit | undefined_reference

But this person really, really likes spicy. Spicy, spicy, spicy. Is this a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare? Who is to say?

12. This woman, whose nurse had a funny way of wrapping up her foot.

Reddit | nhd52

I mean, what can we really say? Could I look at this without laughing like a 12-year-old boy? No.

But I'm trash, so...

13. This person who encountered a true fork in the road.

Reddit | betacomplex

Hmm. What an existential crisis this would present. I would take it as a sign. Where will this life take me? Dun-dun-duunn.

14. This woman who made a bold decision.

Reddit | xsickskatex

Look, life is all about the choices you make. Some are easier than others. And this decision, honestly, I really support.

You do you, boo.

15. I mean, it can't be that bad with those question marks though.

Reddit | SterlingandStarbuck

Let it be known that I am a big fan of t passive-aggressive question mark. They say so much by saying nothing at all.

16. When you're trying to be healthy and the universe gives you what you really want. 

Reddit | maxxl

Someone totally got fired at the cereal factory, but you get crunch berries. Score!

17. Well, what else are you supposed to charge???

Know Your Meme | Know Your Meme

18. Looks a little human centipede-y but also full of delicious to me.

Reddit | snoopy_e

Does that make me crazy? Or is this genius? What a happy accident!

19. This perfectly peeled sauce packet lid.

Imgur | Imgur

No sauce wasted, because every drop counts. This is so satisfying and aesthetically pleasing. It would be even better if it was sauce for nugs, amiright?

20. Umm, fair question, I guess...

Imgur | gracebauer

No idea what the truck was advertising though...

21. Have you ever failed so hard that other people felt inspired?

Instagram | @wot_u_sayin_tho

It feels... good, I think. Well, I guess it would as long as they make something like this out of our blunders.

22. Learning 'bout life at the library

Reddit | atthebuzzer

23. Sometimes, the only bad thing about a mistake is that it can't happen all the time.

Instagram | @course

Somebody could probably make some good money selling heart mangos...

24. With such perfect timing, I'm having a hard time believing this wasn't on purpose.

Instagram | @beigecardigan

Sure, as far as the boss is concerned, it was an accident.

25. Ordering pineapple on pizza may be a terrible mistake, but this was probably the best outcome she could've hoped for.

Instagram | @will_ent

26. And check out this crushed tomato inception. 

Reddit | aztintpimp

I mean, it does make it feel much more authentic, somehow. Doubly crushed tomato. There's some bomb pasta sauce just waiting to be made.

27. Apparently you can take Braveheart's freedom after all...

Reddit | sunbolts

28. I'd wanna know what the text books were saying about me too!

Reddit | JustinSchwimmer

29. This styling paste, which is iconically misspelled as "styling pasta."

Reddit | Alexadventures

Which, I mean, who doesn't have pasta on the brain all the time? This isn't even a stretch, tbh.

30. It's the one place that's so obvious, they'll never think to look there!

Imgur | hawaiianpunch23

31. There has to be a reason they got that license plate...

Reddit | Bierrr

32. Well, point proven, I guess...

Reddit | xHankSpank

33. I'm sure hunger the driving force behind this brave, new invention

Instagram | @kalesalad

As much as I hate to leave perfectly good chocolate "bread" behind, such things are sometimes necessary in the name of progress.

34. I don't think I could be happier with how this man's story turned out.

Twitter | @treesfjnale

Ignoring a tornado turns into fame! It's good to see they're giving him the respect he deserves.

35. I mean, as if tomatoes weren't magical enough.

Imgur | Imgur

Tomatoes provide tomato sauce, used for, oh I don't know, PIZZA AND PASTA — THE BEST THINGS EVER.

And now they're a wizard, too? Daaaaaayummy.

36. This accidentally thique text exchange that's had me laughing for days.

Instagram | @beigecardigan

This poor girl, who, instead of texting her boyfriend this cookie, texted it to her former boss...whom she'd just texted her resignation to. Yikes, lol

37. On the road of shortcuts, there are no success...wait...I think I messed that up?

Reddit | to_be_quite_frank

38. This fast food order for extra bacon that went kinda...loco.

Reddit | Teleportingcarl

Look, I get it. Bacon is really exciting. I love it. Who doesn't? But that's a crazy amount of extra sizzlin' goodness.

39. On the other hand...I mean, just peep this lowkey sexy fryer action.

I understand it all now. It makes sense. Who doesn't want $70 worth of extra bacon? Heathens. That's who.

40. You have been demoted to "Man's Tolerated Companion."

Imgur | Eukodol

But honestly, these happy accidents are just that, accidents. And they are amazing and should own themselves.

They are flawless and perfect and doing amazing, sweetie. Honestly xoxo.

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