Man cleaning up graves
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20 Pics With Undeniably Good Backstories

A good backstory is everything. It provides context and adds color to a story, explaining why something is significant or worth paying attention to when otherwise, we'd be more likely to just scan it and move along, possibly missing out on something genuinely cool.

The following pics might be good with no backstory. But with a backstory? They're that much better.

"These are Ukrainian refugees after cleaning up a park in Poland as a thank you for hosting them. They're organising these things all over Poland now."

Ukrainian refugees cleaning up a park in Poland
reddit | irishrugby2015

It's always fascinating how examples of humanity at its worst, like Russia invading Ukraine, often lead to stories of humanity at its best.

"Finished product! Just over 10 litres of sweet, smoky maple syrup!"

Man with maple syrup
reddit | atodaso

Whether you're a maple syrup person or not (and really, who isn't?), this is an impressive sight to see. I really want to try that smoky maple syrup. And think of all the work that went into those bottles — it takes 40 gallons of sap to make a single gallon of syrup!

"Brazilian priest João Paulo Araujo Gomes, from the Diocese of Caruaru, takes abandoned dogs off the streets, feeds them, bathes them, and then presents a dog to each mass, to be adopted."

Priest helping find homes for stray dogs
reddit | j3ffr33d0m

How could a parishioner not adopt one of these puppers after seeing how sweet they are at the priest's sermon?

"My 98-year-old grandma has been making me birthday cards for years. This one is the most plain of them all, but meant the most."

Birthday card from a 98-year-old grandma
reddit | Tttoille

Do you ever see something that's beautiful, but undeniably heartbreaking? Yeah, I think this card fits into the category.

"Fans didn't forget them.."

Dedicated fans honored by cardboard cutout
reddit | KurtajGazisi

It's so touching to see how a pro sports team can take notice of their lifelong supporters, always in the stands, and honor them when they've gone.

"For donations or taking when in need. Located in the restroom at my school."

Box to take or leave tampons
reddit | PeachxScone

Tampons and pads should be a universal right. While some institutions have started giving them away for free, there's still a gap. Initiatives like this help bridge that gap.

"Kind folks built an elevator to help their 16-year-old Lab up the front steps."

Custom elevator built for elderly dog
reddit | hova414

Anyone who's ever really loved a pet knows exactly why these dog owners did this. It might be a lot of work, but anything is worth it for our furry companions.

"A driver’s car broke down on a busy street in NYC during rush hour. No honking or yelling, just people trying to help and being bros."

Strangers help fix a car
reddit | greyconscience

New York has a reputation for being, well, a tad aggressive. That reputation comes from somewhere, of course, but it hardly tells the whole story.

"Mom and pop restaurant selflessly feeding those who can’t afford to feed themselves."

Restaurant offering to feed the hungry for free
reddit | hirethestache

It would be nice if more restaurants did this. Not only is it the decent thing to do, it's a good way to win over potential paying customers.

"This is the letter my neighbor sent me after I let him babysit my pets while I was on vacation."

Letter of thanks sent by pet-sitter
reddit | SnooCupcakes8607

This letter is truly touching. I'm betting this pet owner had no idea how much of a difference it would make to this person's life.

"Me and my middle school friends ending our fast together on Ramadan after 4 years of no contact."

Students ending Ramadan fast after four years of no contact
reddit | Dark_Memegumin

When you're a kid, a year feels like it takes eons. Considering these kids have been separated for four long years, this is a reunion that's long overdue.

"I met Adam Savage and gifted him a custom Iron Man Mk.1 Helmet!"

Man gifting homemade Iron Man helmet to Adam Savage
reddit | DansJungle

If you're going to give something to someone from Mythbusters, you'd better give them something good. I'd say this fan delivered, and then some.

"My mom met the 'Easter Bunny' today. I didn’t have the heart to tell her she met furries."

Woman posing for pic with furries
reddit | Saltbaye

We've seen touching, we've seen heartbreaking, and now it's time to see hilarious. Furries are...polarizing, let's say, but it was good of them to pose with this woman.

"My daughter: 'Dad, it looks like a giant piece of pizza. I’ll be the round pepperoni.'"

Girl pretending to be a piece of pepperoni
reddit | narlycharley

There's no telling what an overactive imagination can conjure up in a small kid. Today, it's...pretending to be pepperoni on a big slice of pizza.

"My grandma sends me fruit in the mail because I’m pregnant. Today it’s strawberries!"

Strawberries sent in the mail
reddit | DMmeYourCat

You really have to appreciate how grandma went the extra mile by cutting the foam into perfectly strawberry-shaped inserts to prevent the berries from getting jostled around.

"This goose at my hospital laid eggs and is nesting in a large planter, one of our maintenance guys built this umbrella for her and set her up with nearby water."

Goose making nest under an umbrella
reddit | OrangeCosmos

Canada geese are ornery birds, but this one is being treated well in its time of need.

"Tom Jones performing in Toronto, 1974. After the first pic he kissed me - really kissed me. Then I told him it was my 16th birthday."

Photos of Tom Jones in concert
reddit | KaleRevolutionary

This could come off as creepy, but let's give Mr. Jones credit. He didn't know, and judging by his reaction, he wouldn't have done it had he known.

"Someone in my neighborhood has been building little dog shelters."

Shelters for stray dogs
reddit | Barflyerdammit

I love this. Those shelters are inexpensive and probably simple to put up, but they'll make a big difference when it comes to giving these poor pups shelter from the storm.

"SCDF was alerted to a fire ... SCDF rescued 14 cats that were found unconscious within the unit."

Dogs saved from fire
Facebook | Singapore Civil Defence Force

While it's upsetting to know that these cats dealt with the stress of a fire, it's lovely to see how well they're being cared for.

"Every Sunday this gentleman trims and tidies up the graves in the area where his relative is buried."

Man cleaning up graves
reddit | RonanTheAccused

Graves can easily become overgrown and forgotten, so seeing gestures like this — gestures that help keep a memory alive — really warms the heart.