20 Things People Found That Are Super Weird, But Also Kinda Cool

Fun fact: weird things can also be cool. Yeah, they may be kind of strange, and they may make you go "huh?" when you look at them for long enough. But if you look even longer, then you might start seeing them in a different light.

Don't write these things off too soon. They may be just a little odd, but that's part of their charm.

"My glasses eyes though the years. Lost two over the years and due a new one soon."

It's definitely weirder to see glass eyes on their own than in someone's face, that's for sure. But at the same time, it's so cool how realistic they are. I mean, I guess that's kind of the point, but still.

"My grandfather had a red-headed woodpecker land on his leg."

Did... did the bird think that this man's leg was a tree? Was it just taking a break from all of its wood pecking? I mean, on the plus side, how often do people get to say a bird landed on them? So that's at least cool.

"Tiny produce I picked at my boyfriend's farm."

Those veggies (and fruit) are so tiny! To the point where they almost don't seem worth eating. At the same time, though, I can't deny how cool these things are. They're the kind of thing you'd want to preserve and put on a shelf forever.

"My IKEA manual instructs me to throw away a piece included in the box."

This seems like a really... unnecessary thing to put in an instruction manual. Then again, it's IKEA, so I can't really be that surprised.

Still, it's kind of funny if you look at it long enough. What a random part of the instructions.

"Our fish room."

That's a lot of fish. I don't even want to know how much it cost to build and stock this mini aquarium, and I really don't want to know how much it costs to maintain it. But it must be a fun place to hang out in at least.

"When the light breaks through the clouds and lights up a strip of the mountain."

I've said it before and I'll say it again: clouds are so weird. The way they form things and create shadows is so strange. But the effects that happen because of them are always so cool. And this, of course, is not exception.

"My Venus fly trap caught itself."

It's funny how some plants in the world legit eat bugs and stuff. But it looks like this one may not have enough flies to keep itself satiated, because it's taken to cannibalization. A cool sight for sure, even if it is a little creepy.

"Cool statue in the middle of nowhere right off Route 66."

My guess is that there was something here before, and the statue is the only thing that's left. Either that, or someone brought it all the way to the middle of nowhere and just left it. On the plus side, it's so cool.

"Peacock shaped door knob at my Airbnb."

I feel like you never really expect to find cool little details in houses these days. But the fact that this door handle exists is such a treat. Sure, it may be a bit of a weird concept, but it's super pretty.

"Brick wall end grain cutting board made from Padauk and Maple."

This is an incredibly well-made cutting board. But the fact that it looks like a brick wall is a bit weird. Weird, but really cool. It's... well, it's kind of hard to look away from if I'm being honest.

"A little piece of history at the Doctor’s office."

Ah, I can't be the only person in the world who misses the simple days when Blockbuster existed, can I? This machine is so nostalgic.

But... for this to be in a doctor's office is a little random. Like, of all the places.

"This braided grass on my campus."

I guess someone got bored and decided to braid this tuft of grass. As weird and random as that is, it's also pretty cool. I mean, that grass looks a surprising amount like hair. Maybe not the color, but the texture for sure does.

"A trailer on a trailer on a trailer!"

That's an absurd amount of trailers. But I guess they have to be transported from time to time, too. Who would've thought that you'd need a trailer to transport other trailers, though. Yeah, thinking about it is making my head spin a little.

"My leftover drink crystallised over night."

I'm not really sure what needs to be in a drink for it to crystalize like this, but it looks super cool. It looks like the frost you get on your windshield in the mornings during winter. Hopefully it cleans out easily, though.

"Found a Spam slicer for my dad!"

I'm not gonna lie, I've never had Spam before. But to some people, it's a delicacy (or a guilty pleasure? I'm not even sure). This slicer will definitely help someone out, even if the concept itself is more than a little bit strange.

"This caterpillar I found."

This caterpillar is... kind of creeping me out. But, like, in a good way. Like, it's cool, but it also just so happens to be super strange. I wonder what kind of butterfly (or moth) it'll turn into when the time comes. I bet it's probably super pretty in the end.

"A1 steak sauce labeled as 'NOT FOR SALE IN THE UNITED STATES' purchased at Grocery Outlet in California…in the United States."

Someone here is lying. Either the bottle itself, or the store that sold it. Still, it's kind of hilarious, don't you think? How did it end up in this store?

"Giant bear made out of pennies."

I wonder if this bear is completely made of pennies, or if the surface is covered in pennies and it's actually made of something else. Like, either way it would need a lot of pennies. And no matter what, it's still really cool.

"A still sealed Coca Cola commemorating the Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana at my local antique store."

My guess is that this Coke bottle should stay sealed, considering it's 40 years old. But the fact that it's still intact after all this time is awesome.

"My dog playing hide and seek. She wasn't taught to play this but came up with it herself. Theory of mind evidence. Sometimes her bum sticks out the other side of the tree."

That's actually adorable. Even if it is... super random. I wonder how this dog decided to start playing hide and seek without ever being taught.

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