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15+ Pics That Get More Powerful When You Learn The Backstory

On the surface, it's not always apparent what's going on in a good picture. Life just kind of works out that way sometimes.

But once you find out what's going on, an ordinary pic can turn into something special.

This obviously fired-up man has good reason to be.

Reddit | DashCameras

He's doing his utmost to help his epileptic daughter and showing the police what he thinks of the ban on medical cannabis where he lives.

This guy looks like he's prepped for a couple of weeks of hard studying with intermittent partying, but none of that is for him.

Reddit | kalel160

"He started a charity where college kids can donate a meal from their meal plan to those in need," wrote the uploader. "Last month he got a grant to expand the program. It's called One Meal a Week and I'm super proud of him!"

The effect of a terrible drought has almost dried up a world wonder.

Reddit | zed_roaster

Victoria Falls in Zambia has been turned to little more than a trickle compared to its usual splendor due to the area's worst drought since 1981.

This is not a picture of a Scottish power couple, but an expression of love.

Reddit | photopiperUX

Fandom brought these two closer together, the uploader explained. "GF started watching Outlander recently so I taught myself to sew and made us Halloween costumes. Finally got around to photographing them. I made the dress/hike, kilt, vest, and coat."

Not just another guy with his pet bird.

Reddit | medicgenius

"I'm a fire chief," wrote the uploader. "Pet store caught fire and I was able to save this 27 year old parrot. Meet Molly!" The parrot wasn't for sale at the pet store, but belonged to the store's owner. "She got it back and was very happy."

Milwaukee's transit system has set aside a seat in Rosa Parks' honor for three days in December for the past four years.

Reddit | sietre

Several cities around the nation started following Milwaukee's lead after word of the tribute started to spread.

An old lady smiling with a kitten is a great pic on its own.

Reddit | wilfredthedestroyer

"My animal-loving Grammy is in hospice, so we often bring our pets to visit," wrote the uploader. "Today she got to meet our new kitten Mango."

What a great time for a kitten visit, when smiles are needed most.

A service dog's last meal.

Reddit | rustytheviking

"She's 10," her owner wrote. "Her name is Vixin. Been my service dog for 6 years. Saved my life and my marriage. She has degenerative myelopathy, as well as cancer in the bowels. We were hoping for a few more years, but unfortunately her quality of life is rapidly deteriorating. So we have given her the best last week possible, topped off with this steak."

Making Christmas special for kids will never get old.

Reddit | Bpayne7

"My dad drives a special needs school bus. And this year he invited all the kids to his house to see Santa Claus," the uploader wrote. "He also purchased gifts for all the kids for Santa to give them. This was the only picture I could get before the water works. I'm 27 years old and my dad is still taking me to school."

"He didn't want to hold the cane because he was afraid it would make him look 'weak,'" the photographer wrote.

Reddit | DemonicWombat

He sure made it work for him. Just goes to show that what you might think of as a weakness isn't always the case.

When a store makes sales secondary to helping out a kid in need.

It's a nice gesture by the store, but also one that shouldn't be necessary.

Something to bear in mind when considering things like lesson planning and curriculum is that kids from poor families deserve a good education, too, and it's much too easy to raise the barriers of access.

Like a light coming on.

Reddit | MethodicallyCurious

"The brother of a girl I have been dating for 8 months, is very much on the spectrum," wrote the uploader. "He's never spoken to me much, unless I spent 3 hours doing jigsaws. After a Christmas jigsaw, I asked him to help me decorate the Christmas tree I bought. I'm the one with beard. Goals."

Two protesters in Bolivia were killed by the military.

Reddit | AtlantisAI

Their funeral procession was also broken up by the military, and their coffins were left in the street when the procession had to flee.

The owner of a skate shop in New Orleans will reward kids with good grades with a free board.

Well, a free deck with A's and B's, and a free full board with straight A's. That's some solid community building right there.

Thankfully, this is all staged, not a real wreck.

Reddit | medicgenius

"I'm the fire chief of a volunteer fire department. For the last 26 years a week before Prom night , our fire department has done a drunk driving vehicle accident simulation for the students to show them what happens during a drunk driving accident," wrote the uploader. "We are 26 years fatality free so far."

Do animals feel love and loss? Look no further.

At least these monkeys do. Just look at the reaction to this monkey family being reunited after an injury separated them. Pure joy and love.

Anti-government protesters in Iraq demanding change have filled the country's streets, and in some places, government seats.

Reddit | badboyballu

For example, this protester filling a chair once located in a government building, which would have been occupied by an elected official. The protests resulted in Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi's resignation.

A mosque didn't hesitate to provide safe haven for students fleeing a school shooting in Wisconsin.

And video, shared widely on social media, caught the scene as the mosque ushered terrified students inside its doors.

This Santa is on a serious mission.

Reddit | Mac3Turbo

"While my girlfriend was getting chemo, we ran into Santa who was also getting a dose," wrote the uploader. "After visiting the kids in the hospital, he was going to go to his job at the mall. Trying to bring joy and holiday spirit to those around him while fighting to live."

Before and after a serious heart surgery.

Reddit | jab136

"Going in for my second heart surgery in 7 years in a few minutes (born with a bad valve)," wrote the uploader for the photo on the left. "See you all on the other side."

Thankfully, it all went well. "Hello from the other side," he wrote later. "Feel like I got hit by a truck but the surgery was successful."

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