Bird appears to be wearing sunglasses
reddit | kassamhorse

20 Times People Caught Nature Doing Cool Things

You don't have to observe nature for very long in order to see it do something cool.

With a plethora of plants, animals, weather conditions and seasons, nature always has something unique up its sleeve.

All you have to do is look for it. Or, alternatively, you can find a curated list of cool nature stuff on the internet.

"The sun reflecting off my side mirror melted a mirror-shaped hole in the frost on the window."

Reflection from sun on car mirror melting ice on window
reddit | stoptye

This is cool because it's kind of like the mirror is helping you get a head start on scraping all that ice away.

"Peeled citrus fruits."

Peeled citrus fruits
reddit | Pabyrophobia

Citrus fruit has some of the best colors out there, ranging from deep scarlet to vivid orange to ghostly white. This pic makes me hungry for some juice, and, as a bonus, gives a look at some fruits we seldom see all the way peeled.

"My chickens greeting me when I come home from work."

Group of chickens greeting a human
reddit | eagledragonblood

For something that many of us see solely as food, or an egg-delivery system, chickens are interesting little creatures that are clearly capable of forming deeper connections than you might expect.

"A dead tree in dunes."

Dead tree on a sand dune
reddit | justerikfotos

This tree looks so out of place in this desolate, dry sand dune that it really makes you wonder how it got there in the first place.

"My school is serving these massive straight bananas (about 12 inches)."

Large, oddly straight banana
reddit | TankC4BOOM314

This is more banana for your buck, which could be a good thing. But in my experience, oversized fruits and veggies don't always taste that great.

"The shadow of the clouds."

Clouds casting shadow on the sky at sunset
reddit | WestonWestmoreland

Clouds cast shadows on the ground all the time, but it's another thing entirely to see them cast endless shadows on the sky itself. The scale, the grandeur, the colors — it's all so much to take in.

"Today the sky in Murcia, Spain, turned orange because of dust from the Sahara."

Sky turned orange from a Sahara dust storm
reddit | Nightrach

Earth's atmosphere can travel sand and dust particles extremely long distances. In some cases, those particles can make everything a very eerie and unsettling orange.

"An ant in a flower."

An ant inside a flower
reddit | Flashy_monster

Here's one of those scenes that probably goes unnoticed 99.9% of the time. But when someone has a camera ready to capture it, it's pretty special.

"Portuguese man o' war stinging tentacle wrapped around my ankle."

Marks from a jellyfish sting
reddit | CatioDaddio

Speaking as someone who stepped on a (very painful) sea urchin once, I'm never swimming in salt water ever again. There are just too many unknowns.

"Forest belt."

A stand of trees on a winter day
reddit | dyadyavasya

It's wild how a winter day can drain all the color out of a landscape. In just a few months, this same view will be teeming with color and life.

"My leopard gecko shed a tiny glove."

Skin shed from foot of leopard gecko
reddit | boopdogg

We all know that lizards shed their skin, leaving behind a full-body skin sheath. But this is the first time I've seen one drop a glove.

"Smoke-filled mountains."

Smoky mountains
reddit | mars_soup

These are smoky mountains, not the Great Smoky Mountains. That means they're literally on fire, which isn't always ideal. So it's kind of spooky how beautiful a scene all that smoke can make.

"This Ikea plant that looks like a creature."

Small plant looks like Groot
reddit | cccaaatttsssss

If you're looking for a companion, but don't have the time for a dog or a cat, this anthropomorphic little plant should suit your needs, especially if you despise being woken up for early morning walkies.

"A puddle."

A puddle reflecting the sky at dusk
reddit | GGrassia

When photographed just right, the reflection seen in a puddle can seem like a portal to another world. So simple, and yet so evocative.

"This cross section of a parasitic worm looks exactly like Pepe the Frog."

Parasitic worm close-up looks like Pepe the Frog
reddit | snoutlypup

Is this a coincidence or a message? I'm certainly hoping it's a coincidence, but one can never be sure.

"The cherry blossoms."

Cherry blossoms in Washington, DC
reddit | ItsMrFig

Washington likes to flex about its cherry blossom season, but when you see the blossoms in full bloom with your own eyes, things start to make sense. It's a solid flex.

"Lizard eggs (I hope) nestled in an outlet box."

Lizard eggs in a power outlet box
reddit | Phanniphoenix

This is one of those things that's super cool to see so long as it isn't happening on your own property. Also, best to learn about it before they hatch and your walls start leaking lizards.

"Someone said my dog looks like Will Ferrell and I can’t unsee it now."

Dog that looks like Will Ferrell
twitter | @thomasthesquare

With nature's infinite possibilities, I present to you Mother Nature's greatest accomplishment: creating a dog that looks like Will Ferrell. It's absolutely uncanny.

"My mom’s dog’s footprints in the snow."

Dog and human footprints in the snow
reddit | scrach02

It took me a second to notice the unusual sequence of this dog's footprints. Do all dogs walk like this, or is this one just weird?

"This bird and its natural sunglasses."

Bird appears to be wearing sunglasses
reddit | kassamhorse

This is the look the cool kids give you when you work up the nerve to ask if you can sit with them in the cafeteria.