A skeleton lawn decoration dressed in an Easter Bunny costume.
reddit | Readyupryder

20 Times People Used Their Creative Powers For Good

Creativity is one of the most important things we have as human beings. It's part of what makes us so resourceful as a species. And to be honest, it makes life a lot more fun.

The people who made or did these things used their creative powers for good. Whether these pics show things that are helpful or just fun, they represent all the good that's still left in the world.

"These straws made out of pasta so they don't dissolve like paper."

A pack of straws made out of dried pasta.
reddit | mazi710

I have a confession to make. I hate paper straws. They dissolve after five seconds and have a weird taste to them.

But pasta straws? Pasta straws? That sounds like one of the most important inventions of the 21st century.

"Students at this local college made the Statue of Liberty out of sticky notes."

A Statue of Liberty image made out of green sticky note pads stuck to a series of windows in a building.
reddit | YanniFromPakistanni

See, this is just really cool! It must've taken a lot of planning, too. Needless to say, I'm very impressed.

"An egg timer that shows you how hard your egg is by cooking it with the egg."

An egg timer that's the same shape as an egg, which is in a boiling pot with an egg.
reddit | cizzoo

Not to be dramatic but this has got to be the cutest egg timer in existence. I also really appreciate how it shows you when the egg will be a certain level of doneness. It's like the perfect egg timer!

"I drew a chalk dinosaur on my driveway."

A small, chrome-like dinosaur drawn onto a driveway.
reddit | NesdorkArt

This is both really clever, and really cute. I love the way this little dino looks reflective, but it's all 2D. Talk about using your art skills to put a smile on people's faces.

"I made an alphabet by carefully eating parts of pretzels."

The English alphabet, made with pretzels.
reddit | ziggyziggystardust

I love this because there's no reason for it to exist. Somebody just decided to pass time by eating some pretzels very specifically, and now we all get to look at them with fondness.

"Just some veggies I made out of icing to decorate a cake with."

Leeks, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, and a pumpkin, all made out of icing.
reddit | vendoggo

This reminds me of one of those things where you have to try and guess if a thing is real, or made out of cake. Either way, I'd love to see the cake these veggies are going to be part of!

"An old TV repurposed into a cat bed for my cat’s birthday."

A cat sitting in a vintage TV set that's been turned into a cat bed.
reddit | BrewCoven

I love it when people upcycle old things like this. Sure, the cat won't care if it's a cushion on the floor or a whole piece of furniture, but that doesn't mean you don't have to.

"Fake game boxes in an IKEA showroom."

Fake game cases, including "Kombat Mortal," "Unsalved," and "Breath of the Wind."
reddit | thblt

I can't be the only one who finds these incredibly funny, right? I think my favorite one is "The Last of Him."

"A pilot spelled out the word 'Love' in the sky."

The word "love" written in the trails of a plane in the sky.
reddit | MrAmazing3001

Again, there was no reason to do this. The pilot didn't have to go and write "love" in the sky. But the fact that they did is kind of amazing.

"My son built a duck house."

A wooden enclosure for ducks. On the roof, a dog head is made out of wood.
reddit | bitter_fish

Talk about building something with a creative flair. I like the fact that this guy decided to stick a dog head on there, just for fun.

"The concrete balls outside of Target were dressed up as Kirby."

A large, inflatable Kirby ball sitting in front of a store.
reddit | Vardaesque

I get that this is probably promotional stuff for that new Kirby game that just came out, but you can't help but appreciate how cute this is. Target already has those balls out front, so why not dress them up as Kirby?

"My Uber driver offered a conversation 'menu' for his ride."

A conversation menu for an Uber driver, which includes topics like complaining, or just silence.
reddit | That1Girrl

I love how insanely creative this is. Uber rides can be pretty awkward, but something like this would definitely help break the silence. Or, keep the silence as is!

"This defunct subway entrance is a working Subway entrance."

A Subway restaurant inside of an underground subway entrance.
reddit | handsgrubber

I guess it's pretty lucky that there's a restaurant called Subway. Because there's literally nothing better to put in a defunct subway entrance.

"I made my roommate a Batman toothbrush holder."

A Batman figurine hanging from a bathroom mirror via a suction cup. A toothbrush is hanging from a wire attached to Batman's hand.
reddit | tentoesandcounting

I guess that's one way to keep your toothbrush from getting knocked over. And as long as that suction cup is sturdy enough to stay in place, you could probably use that forever.

"My friend's baby Yoda drink."

A green drink with lime wedges and blueberries used to make a Yoda face.
reddit | beachdogs

I love the fact that the paper towel even kind of looks like a little outfit. I'm not gonna lie, though, this drink is almost too cute to actually drink.

"This crack in the pavement filled with a stained glass cat portrait."

A stained glass image of a cat in the sun, set in place in a crack in a sidewalk.
reddit | sanelib

I've seen plenty of creative works of sidewalk art, but nothing like this before! Like pretty much every piece of sidewalk art in existence, I'd feel really bad walking on this.

"Made a Spartan knife holder and custom knife scales. Babinga for the handles with brass pins. Spartan is Maple, Padauk, and Walnut."

A wooden knife block made to look like a Spartan soldier, fit with knifes coming out of his shield.
reddit | LedZeppelinRiff

Who would've thought something as simple as a knife block could be a whole work of art? Not me, that's for sure. But man, you can really tell a lot of effort when into this.

"My chair comes with a fart dissipation system."

A chair. In the back of the seat, two slotted holes are visible.
reddit | guedalaza

Well, like Shrek always says, "better out than in!" And on the plus side, the chair looks amazing!

"A client of mine refuses to take down his Halloween decorations…"

A skeleton lawn decoration that's been dressed in a pink Easter Bunny costume and mask.
reddit | Readyupryder

You know what, though? As long as you can make it work, I say keep those out of season decorations on your lawn all year long.

I hope this skeleton gets to be dressed up for every holiday ever.

This... creative bookmark.

A bookmark made with monster claws.
reddit | Boojibs

Creative, and spooky! It definitely beats using a random receipt you got from the pharmacy six years ago.