20 Confusing Pics That Need A Second Or Third Look

Ashley Hunte
The back of a dog. Its hind legs look like a buff back and arms from the angle at which the picture is taken.
reddit | SIRoA

You know how sometimes you'll look at a picture, or at something random you see on the street, and you find yourself rubbing your eyes in disbelief? Yeah, strange angles and lighting can really cause your eyes to play tricks on you.

And guess what? Your eyes are going to be working overtime while going through this list. These pictures are just so dang confusing!

This truck that's moving the whole building!

A truck with an empty trailer bed. It's parked next to a large warehouse, which appears to be the cab for the truck.
reddit | SchrodingersCatPics

Okay, so that's not true at all. But could you imagine if that truck was towing that whole warehouse? I mean, they have a hard enough time driving under overpasses as it is.

"My left hand is built different."

A person sitting with a sleeping dog. The person's foot is on their knee, appearing to extend out of their arm.
reddit | dabear51

I'm not gonna lie here. Sure, the illusion that this guy has a foot for a hand is cool and all, but my attention is definitely on that sleeping doggo. So cute!

How many arms are there!?

A couple sitting in grass among some horses. Their arms are entangled in a way that makes it appear as if one person has three arms.
reddit | jizzymcbobbykins

Unless you look closely enough and see the bit of the guy's sleeve in the middle there, it would definitely be easy to mistake that arm for the woman's. Too many arms, if you ask me.

"Huge hand or tiny apple?"

A hand holding onto a very small apple.
reddit | Famous-Yam1

I'm willing to bet that's just a tiny apple. The kind you'd get from an apple tree in your backyard or something. I'm sure it'll still taste just as good, though.

"I found a two-headed duck!"

Several ducks in a body of water. One duck is ascending out of the water at an angle that makes its head look like a rabbit head.
reddit | Trip-Ready

I think what confused me more than the way that duck is angled in the water, is the ducks' heads themselves. They're pretty funny looking.

"Cat and mini cat."

A cat sitting on the floor. A second cat can be seen in the background; the angle makes the second cat look significantly smaller than the first.
reddit | No_Macaroon3045

As much as this looks like a tiny cat sitting behind a regular-sized cat, I'm also a little worried. The second cat looks like they're plotting something pretty serious.

The audience done lost their heads!

Musical performers on a stage. In the audience below, one person is bent over, their head obscured.
reddit | overofmosthings

This is either a sign that these performers are really good, or really bad. Hopefully the former, though.

For real, I can't believe how much it really looks like that dude doesn't have a head.

"These two pots are exactly the same size."

Two plastic plant pots with tomato plants in them. One is elevated and looks a lot larger than the other.
reddit | BigDaddyMantis

I guess because that one pot is kind of elevated by those wooden boards, it looks bigger? Man, I dunno. I'm so confused right now!

"Let's do some ctrl C and ctrl V."

A building that was designed to look like several buildings behind one another.
reddit | xxvave

It took me a few minutes to figure it out, but I think I got it! Those buildings are on slightly different elevation, and they're all lined up in a row, and it just looks like they duplicated the same one over and over again.

"Amazing sky at dusk or dusty water?"

A picture depicting a water reflection image of mountains, where the actual non-reflection image is on the bottom.
reddit | lvinmcnoodle1

Don't let this picture stump you; there's actually a really simple explanation as to what's going on here. It's upside down. Mind blown.

"Looks like a fantasy map. Also looks like it’s lumpy or has elevation but it’s completely flat and smooth."

A stain created from spilled coffee. The variations in concentrations within the stain make it look like a map for a mountainous country.
reddit | romero3500

This looks like it should be in the intro sequence for Game of Thrones. At any second, a random made-up kingdom name is going to flash across the screen or something.

"A very small man."

A man sliding down an abnormally large slide on a hill.
reddit | Alarmed-Setting-4253

Is it a small man, or a large slide? I mean, I know it's got to be a large slide, but it would also be funny if the slide was normal, and this guy had just gotten hit with a shrink ray or something like that.

Seeing straight through the computer.

A laptop on a desk. The desktop background is the desk itself, which makes the image in the laptop line up with its surroundings.
reddit | j3ffr33d0m

Somebody was having a lot of fun there. Or, maybe they got really bored while doing their homework. Either way, I really wish I could try sticking my hand through that laptop screen.

"The reflection of the door on this painting looks like a bald guy in sunglasses."

A framed picture on a wall. A reflection resembling a bald man with sunglasses can be seen along the left side of the picture frame's glass.
reddit | InvertednippIes

I'm not gonna lie, that would probably freak me out. It looks like there's somebody out there, looking in. Or, somebody's in the picture, looking out...

"Tim giving some love."

Two men standing in front of a TV and posing with basketball jerseys. Basketball player Tim Duncan is on the TV screen, and appears to be embracing one of the men.
reddit | TheGayTrashcan16

I'm betting no one expected Tim Duncan to photobomb these dudes. Even if he is just on the TV screen. Talk about timing!

Sitting at a very odd angle.

Two students sitting at a desk. One of the students is leaning in his chair with his legs out, which look like they belong to the other student.
reddit | Purplecrab69

I hate how long I had to stare at this picture to figure out what's going on. I guess she's sitting normally, and that guy is slouching. Regardless, it's very weird.

This guitar is massive!

An electric guitar set up against a porch post.
reddit | jamesmustaine86

Okay, no it isn't. Just like every other picture in this list, it was taken at a pretty tricky angle. I'm willing to bet it's a regular-sized instrument.


A white cat curled up and asleep. An orange sits on its back, making it look like a fried egg.
reddit | SelfControl4God

You'd think that after seeing enough pictures like this, I'd know at once that it's a cat with an orange on it. But I still thought it was an egg for a second.

This lil pup sure got swole.

The back of a small dog. The way the picture is angled makes its hind legs look like a buff back and arms.
reddit | SIRoA

Remember that Scooby Doo movie where Scrappy Doo gets all buff in the final act? Yeah, that's the exact vibe I'm getting from this lil doggo and their booty.

"Those are not grass pants."

A picture if a room full of turf, taken through a window. The reflection of the legs of the person taking the picture show the turf, making it look like they're wearing grassy pants.
reddit | Flimsy_Researcher

Okay, so they aren't grass pants. But I bet someone somewhere just got an idea for what the next trend should be. And I, for one, hate it.