17+ Times People Found Themselves In Unexpected Situations

We all face countless instances where we stumble across things that are wildly out of place and leave us generally baffled.

And with this in mind, from toads that have summer houses in people's shoes to individuals who found their cats in the worst places ever, here are 18+ moments that made us go, "How did that get there?"

Good To Know...

Christ, this toad has a summer house?! Well, now I'm envious of a toad and feel like an absolute failure!

"Found this at my local grocery store."

Looks like the grocery store knew who to call when they found Slimer causing havoc in the fresh produce aisle.

"When life is just against you..."

They should probably have tried to use that broom to poke the ball down instead of launching it like a javelin!

"This happens on the daily in my hometown..."

Maybe there isn't another one of these signs on the other side of the bridge. Although, something tells me that there is and this driver is just a donut.

"Found the internet..."

That looks like one hell of an expensive mistake! And I thought that Christmas lights were hard to untangle.

"I hate when that happens."

Anyone who manages to allow their bottom teeth to fall out without realising needs more help than a new pair of teeth!

"I asked Loretta what the weirdest thing someone has left in the casino lost and found... She came back with this gem."

The person who left this behind at the casino must have been hopping mad when they realised!

"I think I found the longest fry in the history of fries."

Something tells me that this isn't really a fry. I don't know where this came from, but I'd be very wary of it.

"I got a new instrument!"

Reddit | LynzMa

I wouldn't fancy trying to tune this instrument, I bet that could end up with you getting some serious scratches!

"Found my kid's watch he lost 3 months ago."

If those things managed to survive the 90s, then I am quite sure that they will be able to survive 3 months in some snow.

"My wife does a great job throwing axes..."

I'd be wary about pissing her off from now on! Sure, she might not get you with the sharp end of the axe but she'll bonk you on the head with the handle from thirty paces!

"My son found some 'stickers' in the bathroom."

Well, looks like they'll need to be hiding the "stickers" from now on. They didn't even put the detritus in the bin either, jeez!

"My cat got stuck today."

Well, that seems like you're going to be spending the rest of the day dealing with this situation! How do they even climb this high without realising that they won't be able to get down?!

"Lost iPod!"

They've gone for the old Price Is Right approach to getting that iPod touch I see. I kind of admire their ingenuity, in the worst kind of way.

Take A Byte!

The person who nearly ate this explained, "So yesterday as I was messing around with USB sticks to install Windows I lost the cap of a red USB. I don't know how it ended up here but I found it today in the pasta dish I made yesterday night, almost perfectly disguised as a piece of red pepper."

"He's not stuck. That's the way he sleeps..."

They must have had an unbelievable amount of people knocking on to warn them that their cat was stuck for them to feel like they needed this sign.

"Uhh, no thanks..."

One very suspicious person posited that the spider actually wrote that note in an attempt to catch some humans.

"The Chapstick Thief strikes again, except this time she's saving it for dinner later."

Cats can decide to hoard the strangest of things. Our cat loves to hoard dry pasta if she can get her paws on it.

"Went to my friend's house and asked her kid where his mom was... He told me she was 'stuck in the attic.'"

Christ, maybe they should be giving her a hand instead of taking a picture... I say, knowing full well that I would have immediately taken a photo.

"Looking for someone to help shovel out my car. Please..."

When that snow starts to melt things are going to get pretty exciting! I genuinely have no idea how they have managed to do this!