20 Times Ideas Were Super Clever And Should Be Replicated

Ashley Hunte
A shelf full of "binge boxes," which are boxes filled with different movies to watch."
reddit | sboss9

One thing this world can always use more of is good ideas. Like, there's literally never a bad time to show off a new idea that you can only hope catches on and starts appearing everywhere.

So yeah, these ideas definitely have my stamp of approval. I feel like the people who designed these things should get awards and stuff.

"Good guy LG saving space behind the TV."

The back of a TV, showing a plug with a wire the hangs from the side, rather than from the end.
reddit | RheaTheTall

I honestly don't understand why all plugs and chargers aren't already oriented like this. It saves space, plus it keeps the cables from breaking. Like, it's such a no-brainer.

"Using cardboard instead of the plastic 6 pack rings."

A six-pack of Bud Light cans that are held together with cardboard rather than plastic rings.
reddit | sternocleidomastoi-d

When I say this is a genius idea, I'm not kidding. I can't believe it took so long for humanity to figure out how to keep cans together without plastic. You could probably use this with bottles and things that aren't beer, too!

"The steep time was on the tag so I didn't end up having to fish the packet out of the garbage."

The tab for a Twinings teabag that instructs the user to steep for 4 minutes.
reddit | socialgutbrain777

It's amazing how one small change to a package can make all the difference. Like, it was literally that easy to make it so that you can throw away the package but still know how long to steep the tea.

"This wood glue has a slot in the lid for the cap, so it doesn't stick to wherever you might put it down."

A bottle of wood glue with a small hole on the cap, next to the spout part.
reddit | XipingVonHozzendorf

I honestly had to sit and stare at this one for a few minutes. It's so genius! And yet, it also feels so obvious. Like, how did no one think to do this sooner?

"This pump for a skin moisturizer completely drains the canister."

The inside of an empty bottle, with a nozzle coming out of the bottom.
reddit | NoXylene

If there's one thing I've secretly been wishing for, it's bottles and containers that let you completely empty their contents. So, like, I need this design to catch on, ASAP.

"Japanese label-less plastic bottle for easy recycling."

A bottle containing liquid with no label. Instead, there's a small sticker with a barcode and text in Japanese.
reddit | chokonyan

You know what? This is actually really cool. Most people don't know (or they do know and just don't care) to take the label off the bottle before recycling it. This just takes that extra step away.

"This stop sign in Salmon Arm, Canada."

A stop sign with text that says "WHOA!" instead of "STOP."
reddit | WizardsAndDragons

I like the idea of a whoa! sign instead of a stop sign. It feels more urgent. The only problem is I'd probably stop and then never go because the sign is so forceful.

"My ice cream has a spoon under the cap!"

The underside of a lid for an ice cream carton. There's a spoon attached to it.
reddit | sciencebch

See, when it comes to those smaller ice cream tubs, this makes so much sense! Like, you could literally eat this ice cream anywhere instead of having to take it home and finding a spoon.

"Shout out to Word for reminding me while grinding it out at night."

The top left corner of a computer screen on Microsoft Word. The application is reminding the user to save their progress.
reddit | Elite_Sage

As someone who's lost hours worth of work due to my computer resetting itself and forgetting to save, this is something that everyone needs. Glad Word is reminding people to take that incredibly important step.

"Aquarium stand I assembled came with friendly advice."

The top corner of a page in an instruction manual that reads, "It you're doing this to help a friend, don't leave without a bite," and showing an image of a pizza slice."
reddit | alliefat

This may not be some groundbreaking design that'll help a lot of people, but it's still cute and I love it. Helping friends is great, but helping friends who give you pizza afterwards is even better.

"This system allows you to know if the package has been handled correctly."

The side of a box with a little bead receptacle that shows if the box has been tilted on its side.
reddit | princedudesert91

This is honestly genius, because some people don't know how to follow the instructions on a box. This may not stop delivery people from holding your box the wrong way, but at least you'll know why something is broken when you get it.

"Won’t be second guessing yourself on the toilet!"

A locked door. A small sign on the door shows what it looks like when it's locked versus unlocked.
reddit | Atomicrowing

There are a lot of public bathrooms out there that could use something like this. Especially the older ones that don't explicitly show you when the room is occupied.

"Saw a touchless walk button today."

A touchless pedestrian crossing button.
reddit | poser4life

This is probably one of the coolest ideas I've seen in a while. To be honest, pedestrian crossing buttons are kind of gross, and not having to touch them is definitely better than trying to use your foot (or using you hands, but knowing that other people touched that thing with their foot).

"This sign in the public restroom to encourage hand washing."

A sign on a public bathroom mirror that reads, "Wash your hands like you just cut habaneros and have to take out your contacts."
reddit | Mimilegend

I like when signs encourage people to wash their hands. Because there are a lot of people who will still go to the bathroom and not wash their hands. Which is just gross. Please wash your hands.

"This all in one meal vending machine in Malaysia."

A vending machine that advertises full, cooked entrees, and dessert.
reddit | DisorganizedSpaghett

This is by far the most unique vending machine I've ever seen. This would really be great for those days when you just don't feel like cooking, but also don't want to go out of your way to pick something up from a restaurant.

"Calligraphr allows you to choose between one-time payment and subscription model so you don't have to worry about cancelling the service."

A subscription purchase screen that shows the option for a one-time payment.
reddit | Jezoreczek

I wish every subscription service had something like this. Especially the ones that give you a free trial, and then charge you once it's up because you forgot to cancel in time.

"Minneapolis airport (terminal 1) normally has therapy dogs for stressed travelers."

A hand reaching out to pet a friendly dog on a leash.
reddit | thefaftek

Flying can be pretty stressful and scary. Dogs, on the other hand, are, like, the opposite of stressful and scary. This is a crazy good idea.

"Bathroom stalls in the Dallas airport light up to show which stall is open, and don’t have any cracks in stall doors."

Red and green lights above stalls in a public bathroom, showing which ones are free and which ones are occupied.
reddit | anniehern

The most awkward thing about using a public restroom is trying to find a stall that isn't used, and having to look underneath the door to see if there are feet in there. So yeah, I'm a fan of this light system.

"My local library has 'binge boxes' in the film section."

A shelf full of "binge boxes," which are containers with similar movies in them for people to take home and watch.
reddit | sboss9

This is such a cute idea! It looks like these would make for some really fun movie nights. Like, more fun than just scrolling through Netflix, trying to find something to watch.

"I bought 2 rolls of Velcro tape and it arrived secured whit a smaller piece of white Velcro tape."

Two rolls of Velcro, attached with a different piece of Velcro.
reddit | viktor197

I mean, this makes the most sense. I think the best part about the way this Velcro is packaged is the fact that you could probably reuse the Velcro that's attached to the other Velcro.