20 Of The Crappiest Bathrooms Ever Made

The bathroom is more than a room that's integral to any home. It also serves as a personal sanctuary, a place of privacy, where one can expect solitude and peace.

Well, this is the ideal of what a bathroom is, anyway. In reality, there are some profoundly awful bathrooms out there.

"Practical bathroom."

Reddit | schen4181

If this little glassed-in cube was literally any other kind of room, it would be a fun architectural flourish. Instead, it's a great way to show yourself off to the rest of the house while you try to take a bath.

"This bathroom with a sink above the shower area. Also no shower curtains.."

Reddit | superbear78

It's like they took all the necessary components of a bathroom, except for a shower curtain, and randomly scattered them throughout the space. They haven't even put the TP roll on the holder.

"Can't close the bathroom door in the hotel room I just stayed in, it hits the toilet."

Reddit | cl8855

I think we've all had hotel rooms like this. They usually work out fine, once you figure out a way to get onto and get off of the toilet.

"This bathroom I saw while looking for a house."

Reddit | YellowOnline

I don't know what you're looking for in a bathroom, but if your aesthetic is tiles that make it look like someone had a terrible accident, this is just the space for you.

"Clever way to increase the capacity of a bathroom sink."

Reddit | zee_dot

It's like the installer had an extra faucet, but no space to use it, so just decided to do this. I wonder if anyone has ever used both faucets at the same time.

"Unusable drawer in my sister's bathroom."

Reddit | ToasterParking

If they had just put the drawer in the middle of the console and pushed the cabinet up a bit, the whole thing would be totally usable. Instead, we're left with this bizarre monstrosity.

"My grandma's carpeted bathroom."

Reddit | Born_Dark_4406

We're into the stuff that everyone thinks of when they envision the worst bathroom possible: carpeted bathrooms. I don't know why people do this. I guess it's a good way to ensure that your bathroom is always gross, if that's your thing.

"I found not one, but two carpeted bathrooms in the wild."

Reddit | ballen

Here we go again. From the poster's description, it sounds like finding these horrible carpeted bathrooms is a bit of a hobby for them. Whatever floats your boat, I suppose.

"I can't see myself in my bathroom mirror when standing up straight."

Reddit | Halftroller1140

To be fair, this person might just be exceptionally tall. If they aren't, though, this bathroom has a terrible design. No one needs a mirror that only shows their torso.

"Mirror in a bathroom made to look stained."

Reddit | Tha_Rambo

Here's another aesthetic choice that makes things look stained, which is just the thing you're looking for in a space like a bathroom. The 'stain' color doesn't even match the rest of the area.

"The size of my sink in my bathroom is too small."

Reddit | Alex_Anxiousboi

Super cramped bathrooms, like the ones you might find in a train or plane, often have sinks like this. But I don't think there's any excuse for it in a full-sized room.

"Gas station in Nebraska. The station's color scheme was red. They tried to get artsy."

Reddit | aspiecat7

If you don't want to maintain or clean your bathroom, making it look like a horrific murder occurred inside is a good way to keep people from going in.

"The bathroom of this camping site, just terrible design."

Reddit | YouTried2

Just because you can fit two urinals into a small space doesn't mean you should fit two urinals into a small space. This would be a very awkward area to fit two people into.

"I think it’s supposed to be an oyster - they were all over the bathroom."

Reddit | molybdenum99

Yeah, they're supposed to be oysters. Let's go with that, because otherwise they look a lot like something that's very much bathroom-themed, and I don't like it.

"The ridiculously tiny bathroom with everything you need (or don't)."

Reddit | miko_talik

I'd say that this tiny, borderline unusable bathroom has everything but the kitchen sink. Then again, it has a bathroom sink, so that kind of makes the kitchen sink redundant anyway.

"I've had carpeted bathroom for over 20 years of begging my parents to replace it with tile. It only took mold and water damage for them to decide to change it."

Reddit | aujchristine

Alright, alright, we promise this is the last carpeted bathroom in the list. Carpet might keep your toes warm, but it's clearly not worth the trade-off when this is the result.

"This Airbnb I'm at has a bathroom with the best privacy I've ever seen."

To be fair, the frosted glass provides privacy for the bottom half of your body. That means others will see that you're on the toilet, but won't be able to see your legs. I guess that's a win.

"The only outlet in my bathroom…"

Bathroom power outlets are essential, and they're often in short supply. That's what makes this outlet and drawer combo all the more heartbreaking. Maybe they should just run in an extension cord from the hallway.

"My house has many of these architect flaws (I live in Brazil), one of them is the flaw in the ceiling of the living room's stairs that makes my mom's bathroom have stairs."

Reddit | Louas52

I don't even know where to begin with this one. I guess it would be fun climbing a small set of stairs to wash your hands.

"My brother’s bathroom…"

Reddit | momosmall

We'll end with this photo — not of a crappy bathroom, but a crappy bathroom user. It's a powerful reminder that we have the power, at least to some degree, to make bathrooms crappy or pleasant. Let's aim for the latter.

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