20 Great Pics Where The Backstory Adds So Much More

Ashley Hunte
Several nametags with Faye written on them, showing the career progression from KFC worker to RN.
reddit | MoniMokshith

I don't know about you, but I just love a great backstory. I find that they tend to add so much more to pictures.

And sure, a lot of those picture would be really great on their own, but that doesn't mean their backstories don't add anything. Just like with the amazing pictures in this list!

"We've had this customer's late mother's piano in storage for 15 years."

A framed piece of a piano, featuring its logo and a full octave of white and black keys.
Reddit | bpain454

"...she emotionally decided to send it to piano heaven and I made this secretly as a memento for her to keep using parts of the piano."

Okay, so that's actually super touching. Kudos to the person who thought to do that!

"I like buying backroad beekeeper honey. I got mountain honey from this one in Tennessee."

A stand with a large sign that says, "local honey," and jars of honey on it.
Reddit | ratadeacero

Believe it or not, honey tastes different depending on the kinds of flowers the bees come into contact with. So trying local honey from different places means you never truly know what you're gonna get.

"My boyfriend and my dog. Idk who's happier, my boyfriend now having a gaming buddy or my dog having a new human that spoils him absolutely rotten."

A person sitting on a couch playing XBOX. In between their arms, a dog is sleeping.
Reddit | TheLittleGiggles

It seems to me like this is a match made in heaven. I hope OP and their boyfriend are in it for the long run, for the dog's sake.

"I've wanted to work with clay for years, treated myself to classes in October & love it!"

A hand holding a small ceramic jar painted with blue and green cracking effects, and glazed.
Reddit | AttilaTheNun

I'm not really sure what kind of ceramic that's supposed to be, but it's still really cool! It just goes to show you that if you really want to try something out, just do it.

"Was homeless in my car for two months.. just moved into my new apartment Thursday."

Two images; the top showing a person laying down in a car, and the second showing a person on a bed in a room.
Reddit | ProfessionalObject38

I can't imagine what it's like to experience homelessness, but I know that the feeling of relief you have when you're finally back in a home must be incredible.

This heartfelt letter from a dad's number one fan.

A Tweet from a person talking about how his daughter found his thesis and wrote him a letter about how great she thought it was.
Reddit | randomdragen

You know your kid must love you if she's willing to sit down and attempt to read something she probably doesn't fully understand. This kid's definitely going places someday.

"My Brother Seals His Porch Off For the Winter, Except for the Dirk Hole."

An unfinished wall with a sheet over it, save for one hole through which a dog's head is.
Reddit | meatybone

Well, that's one very important place, it looks like. After all, you can't keep that doggo from looking outside all winter!

So yeah, it's very good that the Dirk Hole exists.

"Apparently, sometime last night, someone planted these dudes on my fence."

Two Army action figures sitting along a wooden fence.
Reddit | -NarWallace-

There's a kid out there somewhere who's probably a little upset at the fact that they lost their favorite toys. But I'm sure they'll get reunited with them. Eventually.

"My wife and son draw disguises on our backdoor window for our handsome traveler neighbor cat to wear."

A stray cat sitting in front of a window that has a hat and moustache drawn on it, matching up with the cat's head exactly.
Reddit | cuteiferous

I guess if you have a neighbor cat that likes to visit a lot, you have to have a little fun with it. And sure, the cat may not know why you laugh every time it comes by, but I'm sure it won't mind the attention.

This teacher who did the most for his class.

This is honestly such a heartwarming story. I wish my school science teacher would've videotaped an anthill for my class, but that's neither here nor there.

"Instead of a broken wheel on my shopping cart, I have a shopping cart for my broken wheel."

A small shopping cart affixed to the bottom of a chair leg where a wheel once was.
Reddit | tomboski

Sure, this doesn't make a lot of sense. But at the same time, like, I love it. That tiny cart is so cute! I kind of want one now.

It's nice when people use the internet for good.

A Twitter post of a person talking about how they saw a thread of a person with anxiety asking how to order from Subway, and somebody replying to them in earnest.
Reddit | Irritated_Introvert

People don't realize that this kind of anxiety exists, and it's not fun. So the person who was kind and patient to an anxious stranger online is a real bro, that's for sure.

"Mission accomplished! First time donating, I just wanted to share how happy I'm feeling now (mostly for the delicious croissant I got to eat afterwards)."

An arm along the rest on a chair. Several tubes are sticking out of the arm, drawing blood.
Reddit | BolosChonker

Donating blood is kind of nerve wracking. But just knowing how many lives your one donation can save makes it all worth it (well, that and the food you get to eat after the fact).

"My 7 year old daughter helped me out with a grocery list."

A grocery list full of mostly misspelled food items.
Reddit | Mofomania

I think this kid did a really good job. There are some pretty tough words in there, though (like cereal... it doesn't sound like how its spelled). All in all, this is just super adorable.

"The change in my cats fur over the last 5 years (earliest is upper right)."

6 images of the same cat with a distinct fur pattern. In each picture, the cat's fur colours change, ranging from white and grey to brown, and even tan.
Reddit | scooberote

I can't get over the fact that all of these pictures are of the same cat. Like, they look so different from one another! I swear, cats really defy all logic.

"Mom and I moved into low income apartments and wanted to do something small to give back (laundry only costs a quarter per machine)."

A sign telling people to take a quarter in order to wash or dry their clothes for free, thanks to Laura and Shannon.
Reddit | CranesMistressOfFear

The world needs more people like this. Sure, washing your clothes in this building may not cost a lot, but even a quarter or two can add up. This is beyond kind!

"I found a ‘fossil’ in a creek near my home when I was younger. My parents use it as a door stop."

A rock on a ledge next to a door. The rock has little fossil-like protrusions.
Reddit | Aperture_TestSubject

OP wasn't sure if those are fossils, but they totally are! In any case, it was a pretty special find, especially since their parents still use it to this day.

"My girlfriend found this happy rock on the beach. It now watches us do the washing and reminds us to be happy."

A black and white rock with a smiley face drawn on it.
Reddit | RoryBowcott

I'm sure the person who drew that little face on that little rock wanted somebody to find it and smile. And now, it has a home where it gets to make people smile every day. How cute!

"From KFC to Registered Nurse. Truly ascended in career path."

Several nametags, first from KFC worker to manager, then to cleaner at a medical center, then to nursing assistant, and finally to RN.
Reddit | MoniMokshith

This just goes to show you that where somebody starts isn't necessarily going to be where their career ends. Becoming a registered nurse isn't easy, but this person clearly didn't give up.

"My Grandmother has the first snowmobile license in CA."

A woman with her face blurred out, sitting at a table. In one hand, she holds a California snowmobile license, whose number is 00001.
Reddit | TheRacc

That's so cool! Sure, it's a little weird to ask for that picture in the middle of dinner... but it's still a very important picture to capture.

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