10+ TV Characters We Just Love To Hate

There's a fine line between love and hate. And these characters don't just straddle that line, they're getting all the way to third base with it.

They are absolutely insufferable to watch but it's worth what they bring to the show. Even if it's just for the memes.

Dawson Leery from 'Dawson's Creek'

The WB

Remember this meme? It's from Dawson Creek's very own Dawson Leery!

He considers himself better than jocks because he's so much nicer and more deserving of the women.

Jenny Humphrey from 'Gossip Girl'

The CW

As Dan Humphrey's little sister, she was only a minor character, to begin with. But soon she became more rebellious.

Her storylines just became repetitive and annoying for a lot of viewers.

Scrappy-Doo from 'Scooby-Doo'

Warner Bros

This little tyke is Scooby's nephew, and he was first introduced to the TV show in 1979.

He was so hated that in 2002, he was the main villain of Scooby-Doo: The Movie.

Joffrey from 'Game of Thrones'


The best thing Joffrey brought to Game of Thrones was his iconic death scene.

Sure he was cut down in his prime, but no one really cared.

Ted Mosby from 'How I Met Your Mother'


Putting up with Ted was barely worth the amazing comedy and storytelling.

His patented Nice Guy approach to women is seriously disrespectful, but he did manage to make us laugh for a whole nine seasons.

Jeremy Jamm from 'Parks and Recreation'


One of the obstacles Leslie Knope had to face was Councilman Jamm.

He was sexist, had a weird catchphrase, and was just The Worst. But the show did get some quality jokes out of him.

Ross Geller from 'Friends'


Where do I even start with Ross?

He's selfish, self-centered, and expects the women he dates to compromise their lives for his ego. That being said, Friends wouldn't be the same without him.

Hannah Horvath from 'Girls'


We relate to her struggles, mistakes, and dreams. And how she doesn't want to work to achieve them.

But she's so self-centered and hypocritical that it hurts to sit through.

Jonah Ryan from 'Veep'


You know a character is universally hated when they make the actor look like This™.

He is, however, worth putting up with if only for all the jokes he's the butt of.

April Kepner from Grey's Anatomy'


She started off as safely boring but later became way more annoying.

Her character was so different from episode to episode, and her outlandish reactions were irritating.

Beans from 'Even Stevens'


Bernard aka 'Beans' was a typical annoying younger sibling but dialed up to 11.

His appearances in most episodes were made bearable by the other 19 minutes.

Ned Flanders from 'The Simpsons'


Staring as a frustratingly upbeat neighbor to the Simpsons, he quickly became more hated with each episode.

His conservative religious beliefs were not for everyone, but at least he was a good victim for jokes.

Andrea Harrison from 'The Walking Dead'


Andrea was a fan favorite from the comics, but the version of her on the show received much less love.

Possibly because she ditched the other survivors to be with their enemy.

Cersei Lannister from 'Game of Thrones'


One of the more devious baddies on GoT, Cersei may be the coldest, and one of the most power-hungry characters.

But she loves stirring the pot. And we love watching her stir it.

Michael Scott from 'The Office'


He was a selfish boss with a terrible grasp on interpersonal boundaries.

But that didn't stop us from cracking up at most of his jokes.

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