21 Incredible Bra Hacks Because We've Got Your Back

Diply 7 Aug 2018

I'm the type of person who will avoid wearing a bra at any cost. As soon as I'm home, that thing is flung off and into the laundry bin. If I can get away with it, I'm going no-bra or wearing a bralette anywhere I can because my life is all about comfort over everything.

But sometimes you've just gotta wear a bra. And at that point, what do you sacrifice? Is it comfort over style? Style over function? Luckily for us bra-wearing folks, there are plenty of hacks out there to help us stay comfortable, fashionable, and still give the girls the support they need.

1. Have some backless tops and dresses, but want more support than a traditional bralette?

Emmelbiyd | Emmelbiyd

Get rid of the back of your bra and add in some elastic. The elastic is much more fashionable, while still allowing you the support of underwire and padding at the front.

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2. Have a few bras that have seen better days and a few dresses with open backs?

Skunk Boy Blog | Skunk Boy Blog

Use this DIY to learn how to sew the front of your bras into your dresses for comfort, style, and class.

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3. Sew some button studs to a small piece of fabric, then sew that fabric to your shirt.

Pinterest | Pinterest

You'll be able to clasp the fabric around your bra, keeping it from poking out of your favorite shirts.

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4. Use boob tape and pasties to give support and comfort when wearing bralettes or open shirts.

Life Ann Style | Life Ann Style

The pasties will protect your girls from pain when you pull off the tape that hoists your girls up. Trust me, you'll want to use them.

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5. You should never fold your bras and put them into a drawer.

Pinterest | Pinterest

Instead, try hanging them on a clothes hanger so they don't lose their shape. This is one hack that I definitely need to try.

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6. Or, if you want to put them on display, this over-the-door option works well, too.

Artsy Architette | Artsy Architette

Artsy Architette walks through this DIY project to make this display. Plus, her bras are gorgeous!

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7. If you've got an old bra that could use a facelift, why not try this DIY bathing suit top idea?

All Day Chic | All Day Chic

With a little bit of fabric and some ribbon, you can turn your bra from "bleh" to "bam!" in no time.

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8. While we're on the topic of DIYing some old bras, try this summery DIY project that's great for festivals and summer events.

One O | One O

All you need is some glue, floral fabric, scissors, and a trusty old bra.

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Clearly, being a bra-wearing human is kind of a lot of work.

We Know Memes | We Know Memes

But luckily other bra-wearing humans have got our backs, so this bra-wearing life ain't so bad after all.

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9. Hand washing your bras is a pain in the rear. 

Amazon | Phantastic Innovations Inc.

Get yourself a bra ball and toss it in with your other delicates. It'll be safe from everyday wear and tear, and you won't have to worry about underwires poking into your ribcage for weeks to come.

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10. Don't just shove your bras in your suitcase when you're travelling.

Taccity Goods | Taccity Goods

The last thing anyone wants when partying halfway across the world is a bra that's about to betray them.

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11. Minimize worries about falling out of your strapless bra by wrapping the strap about your body.

Pinterest | Pinterest

This will help it stay in place, even when you spend the night dancing away.

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12. If you're not too fond of showing off a ton of skin but hate the feeling of wearing a cami, get yourself one that clips to your straps. 

eBay | mi14ymp-1

Try the Cami Secret, which comes in different colors and patterns.

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13. To help make your sports bra last a little longer, after a long workout, bring it into the shower with you and hand-wash it with some shampoo.


It also gets that stink out right away. Your nostrils will thank you.

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Taking a sports bra off after working out is one of the greatest challenges a woman can face.  

Me.me | Me.me

I will definitely be trying this hack the next time I come face-to-chest with my sweaty bra.

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14. If you're in a rush for your undergarments to dry after washing them, try throwing them in a salad spinner to get that excess water out.


If you think about it, that's literally its job.Just hope you weren't planning on making a salad that night. For me, it's not a problem.

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15. Sometimes, those pesky straps dig a little too deep into your shoulders, so get yourself some strap cushions to ease the pain. 

Fashion First Aid | Fashion First Aid

I can't imagine a life without those red marks.

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16. Not sure about the fit of your bra? No need to go anywhere to have someone tell you it's too tight or too loose. Just use your own hands. 

Stickee Bra | Stickee Bra

If you aren't able to fit two fingers under your strap, then the fit is too tight. If you can fit an entire fist, then it's too loose.

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17. It's never a good idea to hang your bras by their straps to dry, as the wet cups will pull on the straps and stretch them. 


Try laying the bra flat or hanging it by the middle part to save that bra.

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18. If you happen to be wearing something lacy or crocheted that might snag on a bra hook, try wearing a front-clasp bra to save your precious clothes!

Amazon | Florentyne

If only I knew this hack before I ruined that lace top...

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19. What is the worst part about wearing a bra? I can definitely say that underwire poking through is at the top of my list.

The Biswolds | The Biswolds

If you're in a pinch and need to fix an underwire that's about to poke through, use a pad or liner to help you out.

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20. Have a racerback tank but no racerback bras?

Pinterest | Pinterest

This hack is so simple, you'll wish you'd thought of it first! All you need is a paperclip to bring your two bra straps together. Voilà!

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21. Another way to wear a bra with a low-back shirt or dress is to use a bra extender.

Extra Petite | Extra Petite

You can purchase these, or you can make one for yourself with just a few simple items!

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Are you ready to change the way you wear your bras forever?!

Giphy | Giphy

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