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Watch Donald And Melania Trump Put Halloween Candy On A Kid's Head

In what should have been a treat for kids invited to celebrate Halloween at the White House, at least one kid, dressed up in an elaborate Minion costume, ended up tricked by the president and the first lady.

The annual tradition of White House Halloween didn't go off without a hitch in 2019.

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It's one of those events that should be an easy win, and okay, credit here for the First Couple at least giving out full-size candy bars — it's really the least they could do. Oh, except maybe actually making sure that every kid gets candy.

In a bizarre moment, President Trump and the First Lady seemed a bit taken with a child in a large, inflatable Minion costume.

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And, after about 20 minutes of successfully putting candy into all the treat bags and plastic pumpkins presented to the pair, President Trump apparently decided he would play a little trick and place the candy bar on top of the child's head instead of in the treat bag.

Following the president's lead, Melania then places a candy bar on the child's head as well.

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Both smile at the kid, pleased at the sight of their little trick and content to just let the child walk away like that.

Before moving off, wondering where the candy was, the child turned back and the candy bars slid off, onto the ground.

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A staffer retrieved the candy and put it into the kid's treat bag, so at least there's that. It was all a rather awkward exchange, one that the kid walked away from looking more than a little confused.

However, it's questionable as to whether it was more awkward for the Minion or for one of the little Spider-Men who came before.

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Yeah, the big brother decided to get his plastic pumpkin up front and center, blocking out his younger sibling, who did indeed walk away without any kind of greeting from the First Couple, and without the candy, either.

So, not the most successful Halloween celebration at the White House.

Watch the full Halloween video below — the exchange with the Minion happens at the 25:00 mark.

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