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This Pumpkin Cat House Will Keep Your Fur Babies Cozy All Autumn Long

Can I be honest for a minute? I hate carving pumpkins. It grosses me out and even after the guts are dealt with, the actual carving is a pain in the butt. I'll stick to my plastic, electric pumpkins, thanks. They don't rot.

How do I know I'm right about this? Because you rarely see cats taking advantage of the prime real estate an empty pumpkin provides. Even cats who love squashing themselves into increasingly small containers don't seem inclined to venture inside the orange gourd.

Why? Because they are gross. I rest my case.

But I think I've found a pumpkin cats and I can agree on.


(Admittedly, I do like pumpkin pie, but these days I'm not expected to gut a gourd to make one.)

This pumpkin cat house from PAWZ Road looks cozy enough for me to want a human-sized one.

I mean, seriously, you can SEE how soft it is in the photos.


According to the description, it's 100% machine washable too, which is awesome. The interior cushion can also be washed separately.

I actually like how it isn't explicitly Halloween-themed.

That means that if you're the kind of person that cares about seasonal decor, you can have this out for like six months without questions.

Since I couldn't care less about people judging me for out of season decor, if my cat liked it, I'd just leave it out.


Of course, this isn't just for kitties. Plenty of small dogs or other pets would enjoy a snuggle inside a pumpkin too.

You can find the house on Amazon.

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