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13+ Pics That Instantly Made Us All Uncomfortable

The line can be pretty between scary and uncomfortable, but there is some distinction between them. Although good horror often builds on an atmosphere of dread, it usually manages to make that dread feel oddly exhilarating.

So while there is definitely a sense of dread around us when we feel uncomfortable, it takes on a different character. Rather than gasp in shock, we tend to cringe at this type and find ourselves wanting it to end and wondering why people decided to show us this.

So one might expect that a list of pictures that make us uncomfortable would be the last thing anybody wants to see. Well, the human mind doesn't always work that simply because as we're about to see, we often find that the most uncomfortable things are the hardest to look away from.

The most amazing thing about this is that two people actually agreed to do it.

Reddit | GaIacticFaz

The internet is full of people with enough morbid curiosity to film something messed up, but how charming do you have to be to make "Hey, let's pass a spider between our mouths" sound like a good idea?

Sometimes, a person's actions have us feeling less uncomfortable and more "afraid for them."

Reddit | The1stSam

For instance, it's only through the most absurdly good fortune that this person will be able to make their trip without scraping every part of themselves across the pavement.

Based on the characters, it seems likely that these are supposed to be fun, kid-friendly urinals.

Reddit | wolfchant123

However, the execution makes it look more like a very imaginative two-year-old's toilet training anxieties came to life.

If a kid came up to me and said these things would eat him, it would be pretty hard to argue with that.

Even if a child is afraid of a gnarly Santa Claus or Easter Bunny costume, they can still tell what they're supposed to be looking at.

Reddit | SpectrixYT

This thing, however, completely escapes me. I kind of want to find out its name just I can be sure that I never have to look at it again.

So yes, I pretty much have the same facial expression as this girl right now.

If this was made for some kind of iPhone pun, it wasn't worth it.

Reddit | viki3024

It's not quite on the level of burning a restaurant down just so you can say you had a hot date that night, but it's in the ballpark.

You'd have to work pretty hard to make a more unsettling creation than these off-brand Teletubbies.

Reddit | burnmealivepls

The real ones may have had their mouths open all the time too, but unlike these things, they weren't so wide that they looked like they were constantly laughing like the Joker.

Those massive, bright "just joined a cult" eyes don't help either.

Don't ask me how this bomb got on top of this car, but it seemed to crash down hard.

Reddit | Saturnpvp

And the crazy part is that this was probably the best-case scenario. After all, we can see it, so it didn't explode.

This bathroom once belonged to a hoarder and it's pretty clear when you take a look at it.

Reddit | thegarysanchez

It's hard to even guess what they kept in here to make this room look so vile, but some of their collection included TV boxes from the early 80s and surprisingly pristine cassette tapes.

Unless we're dealing with a super speedy photographer, somebody held this position long enough for us to see this situation unfold.

Reddit | Karma_Coma_

And yes, that seems to mean that somebody voluntarily had a mosquito right on their eyeball.

I really hope somebody paid them well because that's a frankly unreasonable level of dedication.

The longer I look at this photo, the harder it is to tell where this is or what's going on here.

Reddit | ryhoth

Part of me wants to say these are somebody's Halloween decorations, but they're pretty weird even with that framing in mind.

What are they even supposed to be?

While it's safe to say that this computer doesn't work anymore, this situation isn't quite as dire as it looks.

Reddit | spookyAGENT

It didn't somehow create lava, nor did anything living explode in it. Instead, we're looking at packaging foam that's supposed to keep the computer's components in place.

So much for that.

If there's a non-creepy way to wear a hollowed-out baby doll on your face, this guy hasn't mastered it.

Reddit | spookyAGENT

When your stare is intense enough that it manages to distract people from the soulless baby shell you've sacrificed, nobody's getting in your way.

It's hard to tell if this is the moment the party truly starts or the moment when it's time to leave.

Reddit | traditionaldrummer

Unlike with most of these pics, however, we actually have some context for this madness.

It's apparently a funny recreation of the post for the movie Fire And Ice. OK, so that answers our first question.

Not only do I hate this, but I'd be very surprised if I didn't feel the same way about whoever made it.

Reddit | patrickjcoyne83

Every time I see it, my toes curl up and my fingers start retracting like I'm trying to imitate a claw machine, so I'm just trying to move on from it at this point.

I've never thought about it, but I guess this is the first time I've seen a hairless horse.

Reddit | SirERexYun

It actually doesn't look that unnerving, but I'm pretty sure it's also supposed to be a sign of the apocalypse.

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