Amazon Is Selling Ugly Christmas Cat Sweaters, And They're Actually Amazing

We need to talk about how, at one point in time, super extra holiday sweaters complete with tinsel, beads, patterns, and other itchy pieces of fabric were worn very seriously to Christmas parties.

Then, sometime in the late 2000s, people began discovering these cultural relics at thrift stores, noting how "ugly" they were. I know they really meant amazing, but that's beside the point.

Anyways, now companies purposely make ugly Christmas sweaters to keep the tradition going, but, turns out, they're not so ugly after all!

They're actually pretty amazing, like these wild holiday cat sweaters from Amazon.


Now, I will admit, they are a lot.

Who even knows what pizza has to do with cats and Christmas? But you know what, this designer went for it, and it's sort of amazing.



How about this flame-breathing boxing cat? Looks like I wouldn't want to mess with him on Christmas day lol!

Oh, this isn't actually ugly.


Is it absolutely extra AF? Yes. Ugly? Absolutely NOT.

All I see is a sweater filled with all things holly and jolly, so.

Nothing screams America like the American flag and some basketballs on FIRE.


Talk about a lit lineup of sweaters!

If you're feeling the festive feline vibes this season, you can find these sweaters on Amazon for around $25.

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