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Ryan Reynolds Shared The First Pic Of His Newborn Baby Girl And, Of Course, He's Trolling Us

Some things in life we should all just come to expect, and Ryan Reynolds trolling us to filth needs to ALWAYS be one of them!!!

It's not just *us* (the peasants) Ryan loves to troll, though.

His close and intimate friends and family members are no stranger to the actor's hilarious antics.

We wrote a whole article about it!

Thankfully, Ryan's life partner and baddie babe of a wife Blake Lively is always down for a joke.

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Even when it comes at her own expense.

We stan a comedy queen!

So when it was reported that Blake had given birth to the pair's third daughter, fans were elated!

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Blake and Ryan have always kept their children super private and out of the spotlight, so we weren't expecting much news about their latest bundle of joy.

But then Ryan posted this:

Twitter | @VancityReynolds

An adorable and trolly AF pic (hi, goofy airbrushed baby face) with a great message, as Canada's federal election will take place on Monday!

We admire your dedication to your craft, sir.

What do you think of Ryan and Blake's baby pic? Let us know in the comments below!

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