22 Times Ryan Reynolds Savagely Roasted People To A Crisp

Ryan Reynolds — husband, actor, father, and tweeter of all things hilarious — has a bit of a reputation for trolling anyone who crosses his path, and boy is he good at it.

1. Reynolds vs. IBTimes India 

Twitter | @VancityReynolds

Clearly, it's not a good idea to come for Ryan's marriage and claim that there is trouble in paradise — otherwise, he's just going to make a joke that can only be taken one way as soon as he adds those quotation marks.

2. Reynolds vs. His Daughter

Twitter | @VancityReynolds

I wonder what Ryan's going to tell his children when they stumble across the countless tweets where he has dropped some mild shade their way.

Let's just hope he live-tweets that conversation.

3. Reynolds vs. Gadot

Twitter | @VancityReynolds

After Wonder Woman called Ryan out for stealing her iconic pose of crossing her arms in front of her chest, Ryan responded by not even denying the complete imitation.

4. Reynolds vs. Reynolds

Instagram | @vancityreynolds

If anyone was wondering if Ryan only takes jabs at others, well, we have the receipts that prove he also shows himself some love. Or hate. Whatever it is, he gets a taste of his own medicine.

5. Reynolds vs. Cake

Instagram | @vancityreynolds

We've made a note to ourselves to never accept baked goods from Ryan since apparently, he hasn't a single clue as to what's edible and what's straight-up poison.

6. Reynolds vs. The Kardashians

Twitter | @VancityReynolds

We understand your pain, Ryan. It's almost impossible to keep up with this family anymore, and the answer to your query is...basically all of them.

7. Reynolds vs. The Hollywood Chrises

Twitter | @VancityReynolds

The hardest "Would you Rather?" we've all had to face, and yet somehow, Ryan managed to sneak his way out of the question with a response that had us wondering if it was a diss or compliment.

Did he just call the Chrises ice cream?

8. He made sure not to leave anyone out. You're welcome, Chris Pine. 

Twitter | @VancityReynolds

Awww, Ryan's out here making sure everyone gets equal love. Or the same amount of shade. Either way, consider those Pine nuts roasted.

9. Reynolds vs. Brolin

Twitter | @VancityReynolds

Ryan isn't about to let his Deadpool 2 co-star forget his humble beginnings in the classic '80s film The Goonies. How could anyone ever forget that gem, and why would you want to?!

10. Reynolds vs. Brolin — Part 2 

Twitter | @VancityReynolds

Ahh, nothing stings quite as much as a backhanded compliment. It builds the person's confidence up and then makes crushing them that much more brutal.

11. Reynolds vs. The Fast and the Furious

Twitter | @VancityReynolds

Now that I have the image of Deadpool appearing in a Fast and Furious spin-off, I don't think I'll be able to sleep until it actually happens. Now I'm mad.

12. Reynolds vs. Lively

Twitter | @samigardella

After Ryan made fun of himself for using an invisible phone, his lovely, talented, and savage wife mocked him for trying to hop on Tinder.

He quickly corrected her, claiming it was eHarmony all along.

13. Reynolds vs. Lively — Part 2 

Bustle | Bustle

This round definitely goes to Blake, as she turns her hubby into a pile of dust by lighting him on fire with an Ashley Madison joke that probably had him laughing through the pain.

14. Reynolds vs... His Mom

Twitter | @VancityReynolds

Don't worry, y'all — Ryan and his mom are sticking together to the end. That is, as long as she can forgive him for taking a shot at her on Twitter. We think she will.

15. Reynolds vs His Mom — Part 2 

Twitter | @VancityReynolds

Erm, alright, never mind. The whole forgiveness thing might be a bit more difficult after she sees this judgmental tweet.

16. Reynolds vs. Jackman

Twitter | @VancityReynolds

Nothing says "savage" like roasting your best bud when he's posting a darling message to his wife on his anniversary. Maybe this is just Ryan's way of saying "Happy Anniversary," but it comes off just a tad shady.

17. Reynolds vs. The Russo Brothers

Twitter | @VancityReynolds

How better to poke fun at the Russo Brothers' Avengers: Infinity War spoiler warning than to create one for Deadpool 2, and turn it into a complete joke?

However, the Russo Brothers didn't take that one lying down.

Twitter | @Russo_Brothers

Yikes, we'd be careful if we were Ryan. Let's not forget, the Russo Brothers have Thanos in their arsenal.

18. Reynolds vs. A Random Guy On A Plane

Twitter | @VancityReynolds

The only thing worse than sitting next to a stranger for seven hours is sitting next to a stranger with incredible, enviable self-control for seven hours.

19. Reynolds vs. Canada

Twitter | @VancityReynolds

Compared to a vampire, Canada is just a baby. Although, Ryan may want to be careful, otherwise his home country might refuse to let him return.

...Just kidding. Ryan Reynolds is a national treasure in Canada.

20. Reynolds vs. The X-Men

Twitter | @VancityReynolds

Few friendly rivalries are more entertaining than Deadpool and the X-Men.

Deadpool is like their kooky cousin who they're forced to put up because he's technically family.

21. Ryan Reynolds vs. Disney 

Twitter | @VancityReynolds

Considering that Disney is trying to purchase Fox, and if they do, could soon own the rights to Deadpool, this tweet just got a lot spicier.

22. Reynolds vs. Lively — Part 3

What a nice husband to wish his beautiful wife a Happy Birthday with some of the most unflattering shots of all time.

23. Reynolds vs. Jackman — Part 2

Instagram | @vancityreynolds

This roast was done with the help of Ryan's loyal fan and honestly, I couldn't be more obsessed.

Wearing a Ryan Reynolds dress to a Hugh Jackman meet and greet? Iconic.

24. Ryan Reynolds vs. Fleabag

Twitter | @VancityReynolds

It's a compliment wrapped in a burn and is therefore superior to all other burns.

25. Ryan Reynolds vs. Kanye West + Celine Dion

Twitter | @VancityReynolds

When Kanye tried to say that Deadpool 2 stole his music, Ryan tried to diffuse the situation by putting the blame on Canada's croissant, Celine Dion, whose song was featured in the film.

Now this last one is arguably my favorite.

Are you on the edge of your seat? Can you barely contain your excitement? Are you about to lose your mind? Then scroll down. Jeez.

26. Reynolds vs. "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants"

YouTube | 20th Century Fox

No one was expecting Ryan to drop a Traveling Pants reference in Deadpool 2, and when it happened, many of us definitely went back and did a relisten.

Oh, in case you're not aware, Ryan's wife stars in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.