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Babywearing NICU Nurses Show Preemie Babies Extra Love While Their Families Are Away

NICU nurses are superheroes in the truest sense of the word. They care for babies who were born early or face health complications.

In many cases, these nurses act as surrogate parents to care for their patients when their families have to be away from the hospital.

Babywearing has been proven to have a number of benefits for both babies and moms.

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Many parents these days are embracing the benefits of babywearing and use a carrier or sling for their babies.

Babywearing allows parents to have their hands free while they bond with their baby.

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This way, babies get all the benefits of a physical connection, which in turn helps them feel more relaxed and reduces crying.

According to Babywearing International, babywearing is especially beneficial for premature babies.

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Being close to their mom or another adult while in a carrier helps preemie babies learn how to regulate their own bodies' temperatures and breathing.

Recently, photos were shared of NICU nurses in Germany babywearing some of their patients.

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The photos were originally shared by manduca, a German baby carrier company, on Facebook.

Research has shown that premature babies grow and gain weight more quickly when they are held.

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Since some of these babies' families can't be there 24/7, these nurses stepped in to make sure the babies still get lots of cuddles.

The images quickly went viral, with many people online praising these nurses for going above and beyond.

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They're ensuring that these little patients get every chance they can to grow strong and healthy.

The photos prompted people to share their own stories about NICU nurses.

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"This picture is my baby girl that was taken by one of her nurses when she realized she was smiling for the first time when I wasn’t there, " said Harmony Shalander.

Many said that NICU nurses had loved their children as if they were their own.

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"I tilt my hat off to these wonderful nurses, I watched the ones who help care for my baby love her like she was theirs, they are angels.... NICU Nurses ROCK!!!!" said Carrie Conley.

And here's another nurse babywearing a patient shared by a mom in the comments.

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"I still remember walking into special care at like 5 or 6 in the morning and my bub wasnt in her bed. Turned around and saw the amazing Genna Colegate working away at the computer with my little miss snuggled in!!! Was the best thing ever!!" said Kiya Chaplin

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