Robert E Fuller

Video Shows Baby Barn Owl's Reaction To Hearing Thunder For The First Time

We all know someone who is afraid of storms. One of my dogs is terrified of thunder and will spend the entire storm panting and trembling. It's just something that we all need to learn about and some of us get used to it, while others don't.

Logically, we know that all creatures have that first time they hear thunder and may get scared, but it's not often that we can see it in action.

Robert E. Fuller is a wildlife artist based in Yorkshire.

Besides being an advocate for wildlife and creating incredible paintings, he also keeps a number of cameras throughout his properties.

The cameras provide him with inspiration and references for his art.

As camera technology has improved, Fuller has been able to get better and better looks at the lives of his subjects.

Cameras have become so small and simple these days that he can now place them within the nests and burrows of creatures without disturbing them.

This year, one of those nests was the burrow of a couple of barn owls.

Robert E Fuller

In May 2019, he shared video of three baby owls hatching and continued to watch them as they grew up.

Which is how he caught the surprised reaction of one of the chicks during a summer thunderstorm.

Robert E Fuller

You don't need to be an owl whisperer to see how scared the little bird is, backing into the wall on high alert.

Owls have much better hearing than humans, so you can imagine how scary it must have been.

Luckily, the little baby persevered and has since been caught on camera learning to fly before heading off into the wide world. Mama and Papa owls even have a new brood of eggs.

But seriously, that scared, feathery face is too adorable for words.

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