'Professional Mermaid' Is A Real Job And Auditions Are Open To Become Part Of Their World

Now, be honest with yourself: while Ariel was singing her heart out about wanting to "be where the people are", you were totally coveting her undersea palace, weren't you?

I know, it's totally a case of the grass being greener — water bluer? — on the other side, but Sebastian was totally right about things being way more chill under the sea.

So guess what?! You can now live your dream of being a mermaid!

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And get paid for it!

The Weeki Wachee Springs State Park in Florida has been running their mermaid show since 1947, and now they're looking for a fresh school of mermaids. 

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But don't think life will be all bubbles, because being a mermaid is hard work!

The audition starts with a 300-yard endurance swim with and against the current, then you need to tread water for fifteen minutes. 

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Get through that first round and you'll be asked to perform ballet moves and other skills underwater, all with the elegance of a mermaid.

Mermaids perform four days a week and are paid $10 per hour for living their dream.

Auditions are January 13, 2018, so if you've got better lung capacity than I do, get swimming!