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Bloody Vampire Fang Nails Could Not Be More Fang-Tastic For Halloween

One of the best parts of any holiday is getting fresh seasonally-themed nails done. And during the Halloween season, many people are getting ready to switch their warm fall toned-nails to something a bit more spooky to celebrate All Hallow's Eve.

These vampire nails could not be more perfect, but no guarantees people will be hanging around too close to you...

These vampire fang nails seriously could not be more perfect for Halloween.

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Forget pumpkin and bat decals, ladies!

Yes, technically this is not how teeth are laid out in the human mouth — our canines come third in the tooth lineup.

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That fact doesn't make these nails less cute, though.

Ice them out some diamond gems to add your own unique touch!

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People really get teeth jewelry! Why wouldn't vampires?

The dripping blood graphic is a necessary detail for these fangs.

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They'd go great with bloody eyeliner, might I add.

This nail design is seriously so creative and perfect for all the Halloween lovers out there! Just don't be surprised if you start seeing your coworkers hang some garlic around their desks.

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