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Bloody Eyeliner Is Going Viral For Halloween And It's Just Too Real For Comfort

I know, it's not even mid-August and we're already thinking about Halloween. But it's hard to avoid it when Halloween-lovers know that it's so close! People are already thinking about how to throw together the most epic Halloween costumes, and it takes time.

If you want to completely wig people out without having to spend hundreds of dollars on a costume, then bloody eyeliner might just be for you.

It's time to start thinking of an epic Halloween costume.

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For some people who go all out for Halloween, it can takes months to think about how they're going to achieve their epic idea to win Halloween.

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But, sometimes, less is more.

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And this fake bloody eyeliner easily gives people with weak stomachs the creeps.

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It really looks like someone used a sharp object to slice a fleeky wing, and it's a bit disturbing, but I can't stop looking.

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I'm amazed by what makeup artist's can do with special effects makeup.

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Ouch — this one really looks like it hurts!

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So, what do you think? Would you give bloody eyeliner a try this Halloween?

Let us know!

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