Creative Mom Turns Kids' Hearing Aids Into Superheroes To Boost Their Confidence

Many children who require adaptive devices can feel self-conscious around children who don't use them. That's why one mom came up with a creative solution to encourage children who wear hearing aids or cochlear implants when she started her own company called Lugs.

Sarah Ivermee is a mom from the U.K. to two boys.

Her son, Freddie, requires the use of a hearing aid as he is deaf in one ear and has hearing loss in the other.

After talking with other moms, Sarah realized that many kids who wear hearing aids feel self-conscious.

Sarah was then inspired to create her own company called Lugs.


Using stickers and soft PVC charms, Sarah was able to create kits for kids to customize their hearing aid devices with their favorite characters. The kits work for a variety of device models and the company is adding new kits all the time.

The superhero kits created by Lugs are a big hit with Sarah's own son and many other children.

It's easy to see why. These are awesome!

There are literally hundreds of designs for kids to choose from.

From favorite cartoon characters to seasonal designs, Sarah has developed a way for all kids to feel confident while wearing their hearing devices.

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