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Creepy Video Captures Wheelchair Moving By Itself In Hospital After Hours

For those who have to watch over a place at night, the job is likely boring more often than it's particularly creepy. Sure, it might be pretty spooky during your first day, but those jitters tend to go away after you spend a few weeks watching nothing happen.

Still, many nighttime security guards can point to at least one thing that stayed with them years after the fact. Whether it's a strange sound, an eerie chill, or something they thought they saw, they might agree that even the most boring building can get a little creepy at night.

And that goes double when you're in a situation like this guard who has actual video evidence of what they saw.

At first, it seemed like an average night for Manoj Kumar, a security guard at the Post-Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research.

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As People reported, he was watching over the hospital in Chandigarh, India when he started feeling thirsty.

But when he stepped out to get a drink of water, he spotted something unusual.

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And about 16 seconds into the full video, we can get a hint of what he saw.

After sitting there motionless for a while, the wheelchair in this scene noticeably rolls slightly backwards.

However, it was doing a lot more than that by the time Kumar caught a glimpse of it.

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After this subtle start, the wheelchair rolls forward at a slow, but steady pace and even turns a few times.

Once it gets started, it doesn't take long for the chair to move across the screen.

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By the time it leaves the shot, the wheelchair can be seen on another security camera as it starts rolling down a ramp.

Obviously, it's no surprise that once the wheelchair reaches the top of the slope, it wouldn't need much help going down the ramp.

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But the question is how it made it across the floor and got to that ramp in the first place.

If you want to blame ghosts for this occurrence, however, you might learn something surprising.

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Namely, that Kumar doesn't actually agree with you. He said it was a pretty windy night and you can see it rustle through the nearby shrubbery if you look closely.

And so, he came to one confident conclusion: "It was just wind and nothing else."

Kumar also said he felt very cold while this was happening.

While some paranormal investigators might blame that on ghostly "cold spots," it was likely due to wind chill.

Still, no matter what caused this wheelchair to move on its own, it's still amazing to see how far it was able to get in the full video.

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