'My Little Pony' Hair Is Here, And It'll Make All Of Your Dye Dreams Come True

If monochromatic shades of blonde and brunette just simply aren't for you, then you're probably always in search of a bright, unique hair color to try out. And if this is you, we've got just the thing!

People are creating hair looks inspired by the My Little Pony characters' flowing, cotton candy-colored manes and tails. The looks are whimsical, gorgeous, and are sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

Lavender, teal, and baby pink, oh my! 

Instagram | @chitabeseau

This wavy, pastel-colored hair look would make any pony proud.

The best part about this dye trend is that you can go as vibrant or as subtle as you want. 

Instagram | @brazilianbondbuilder

Make sure you go to a trusted stylist who's able to blend all of the different colors properly. 

Instagram | @hairbymisskellyo

No matter which or how many unicorn-like colors you choose, the result is bound to be stunning. 

Instagram | @owayorganics

Want to get in on the trend but in a more subtle way? 

Instagram | @jennie2479

Try out just a few alicorn-inspired streaks instead!