Hairstylist Says He's Been Using Gorilla Glue On Clients For 'Years'

Boy, Gorilla Glue is just the viral gift that keeps on giving, isn't it?

We all know the story of Tessica Brown, a woman who used Gorilla Glue as hairspray and wound up catching the world's attention for it. Well, a salon owner in Texas says he's been purposefully using the glue on his clients for years.


So, Tessica.

I'll keep this short: Tessica posted a TikTok informing her followers that she used Gorilla Glue adhesive spray as hairspray, and deeply regretted it.

A surgeon eventually rescued her hair from its glue death trap, and now she is glue-free.

Hairstylist Eric Vaughn duetted Tessica's initial TikTok.

He showed himself reacting to her predicament. The TikTok garnered 78,000+ views, which is pretty average for Eric — he has over 420,000 followers after all.

He then posted his own TikTok explaining that he's been using Gorilla Glue in "hair" for years.

"So, I've been using Gorilla Glue in people's hair for years, but this is the only way you should ever use it," he explained in his now-viral TikTok.

The glue isn't used on the hair itself.

"At the end of a sew-in, I'll take the threads and knot them together, take a tiny dot of gorilla glue, blow dry, cut that, and that knot is going nowhere."

He had some important advice:

"But don't put this on your actual hair, k?"

Okay, note to self: Do not use Gorilla Glue in hair. There was never a danger of me doing that, but you never know.

Eric's TikTok went viral, too.

People went nuts for his video, flooding the comments with discussions about glue, debating how different races approach hair, and dunking on Eric for his method.

Needless to say, people started fighting in the comments.

Professional hairstylists agreed and disagreed with Eric, resulting in them fighting with both each other and random TikTok commenters. I love the internet. None of this matters, but, goodness, do people love to get heated about it.

Some people said the glue thing was nothing new.

I mean, it isn't new to glue in hair extensions, it's just that people usually use, you know, hair glue. Glue for hair. However, if Eric has been making Gorilla Glue work for years, then it's pretty clear he knows what he's doing.

Eric got a little frustrated.

I mean, it has to be annoying to be lectured by people who don't know what they're talking about. However, the trained hairstylists who objected are fully within their rights, in my opinion.

Some people were confused about the adhesion method.

M is right — the normal method is to knot the hair at the base to keep everything together. However, they were wrong about not doing a knot, because Eric does do one!

One user was good enough to explain what kind of extensions he was doing.

Eric makes a knot, then GLUES the knot to make sure it stays together. Meg was kind enough to explain that, as well as to let everyone know it's a braided weft sew-in. Thank you, Meg!

Adriena here has the real tea.

THANK YOU. He's not gluing the hair, he's gluing the threads he used to knot the hair.

Having said that: Not all people know threads are involved, so Eric definitely could have explained that better.

He got the last laugh, though.

He posted a slow zoom of his glue just hanging out at his station at his salon. You gotta respect a man who knows how to take a joke.

So... What would you do if your stylist used glue on you?

And as for Tessica...

I am happy to report that she is glue-free! Plastic surgeon Michael Obeng volunteered to help her with her hair, and actually created a solution that dissolved the glue over the course of a four-hour procedure!