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Chrissy Teigen Claps Back At Fan After Saying John 'Lets' Her Drink

Hi, have you met Chrissy Teigen? She does not give a flying EFF what anyone thinks she should or shouldn't do, which is why we stan forever and ever, amen.

Chrissy's no effs given personality is what makes it LAUGHABLE when people try to come for her...

She is the comeback queen, especially on social media.

And you know who her biggest supporter is? Hubby John Legend.

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Which is why Chrissy had to laugh when one fan commented that she was lucky to have a husband that lets her "be herself" on a recent Insta post.

Chrissy and John just had their six (!!!) year wedding anniversary and went to Paris for a romantic evening to celebrate!

While at the airport, Chrissy took this hilarious video, showing off some gorgeous pre-flight decor.

One fan commented on Chrissy's video saying "I love how he lets u get drunk and be yourself."

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Not only is that such a weird thing to say to independent boss betch Chrissy, but she also clarified she was not drunk as it was only 8:30 in the morning, lol.

Fans thought that comment was SO weird because hi, it's CHRISSY????

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"'Let’s you???' I’ll be damned. I don’t need permission from no one to drink," wrote one user.

"i'd like to see the day someone 'lets' her do something," wrote another.

And that's the tea on that, ladies.