Cadbury Released A Gingerbread Chocolate Bar To Satisfy Our Holiday Cravings

It's September, and I guess we're just going to get all the holiday treats stocked and out of the way so we can focus on just enjoying them.

If pumpkin spice isn't your thing, this gingerbread Cadbury Dairy Milk might be the flavor for your holiday taste buds.

If you see this chocolate bar in stores, it might make you do a double take.

Twitter | @KevSnackReview

Your eyes aren't deceiving you, because that really is a gingerbread man on the package in early September.

It's not even close to Halloween, but Cadbury doesn't care.


They've just released their Winter Gingerbread Dairy Milk flavor for people who are already over pumpkin spice.

It features milk chocolate, chocolate flavored creme, and gingerbread pieces.

People in the UK are already seeing them pop up in stores.

So, many are already snagging them to give us all an early taste test!

This Twitter user is really raving about them.

Food reviewer @kevssnackreviews got to try it and is a huge fan.

Instagram | @kevssnackreviews

He said that they're pretty spicy, and even though there are less gingerbread pieces than chocolate, it's really enough, since the flavor is pretty strong.

If you get to try, you'll pick up notes of cloves, ginger, and cinnamon mixed with creamy chocolate.

That sounds delicious enough to eat before Halloween!

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