11+ Situations That Call For Some Beauty Rest

We love beauty. We love sleep. But guess what? We can't have one without the other!

There's a reason Disney literally made a princess that just, like, slept most of the movie — it's because sleep makes us beautiful!

When life gives us stress, we must take a nap. Or, like, a beauty rest in an effort to erase our memories of horrific tragedies like the ones below!

1. Am I jealous of these bodacious feet because I'm missing a few toenails myself? Maybe.

Instagram | @kak_ne_nuzhno_delat

Three cheers for her being able to function with these claw nails, tho. Not all heroes wear capes.

2. Okay, hi brows. 

Instagram | @_sarah_says

I love a crown in any sort of formal or informal situation. But this? I don't know guys. I don't know if I can get behind this.

3. Oh no, Coach. Baby girl, what is you doing?!

Twitter | @chokemetoo

You know what no human has said, ever? "Wow, I wish my $300 designer bag had a hot dog sticker on it!"

No one has said that because food belongs in thy stomach, not on thy bag!

4. Beautyblenders are an investment for a flawless makeup application, and I will have none of this!

Twitter | @ChelseaKreiner

I love my dog more than life itself, but if my pooch was getting in my makeup hooch**,** I would have a very serious dilemma on my hands.

5. This is nothing short of discrimination against big breasted women, and I think it's absolutely disgusting.

Twitter | @boob_haver

If your boobs don't swing low, like, down to the flo', you have no idea the actual sauna that is under there!

Everyone wants that underboob aesthetic, but no one wants the sweat that comes with it.

Yeah, this top was really cute, until my nipples started to look like they were crying.

6. First of all, "bleach my hair" should never be a phrase anyone says, ever.

Twitter | @sarahmcgbeauty

No tea, no shade, but unless you are a professional hair colorist, I suggest you stay AWAY from the bleach.

7. This is just one of the unexpected "perks" you get when your mom works in the beauty industry. 

Twitter | @demgreens

This is also a guaranteed way to make anyone pee their actual pants prematurely.

8. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I'm not having kids...

Twitter | @MrsCraftyB

This is my nightmare! That bathroom floor won't love and appreciate the eyeshadow the way I would have!

THIS IS A TRAGEDY! I need a nap.

9. This hits a li'l too close to home.

Twitter | @sofiapullen13

Do I loathe cat hair on my clothes? Yes.

But guess what? My cat is a princess, and she can do whatever she wants, so we all just gotta deal with it. Sorry, not sorry about your allergies!

10. I am feeling very stressed!

Twitter | @kaarinalizeth

Face mask aesthetic is cute and funny at the four-month mark, you know, once he already loves your personality too much to be scared away. Until then?

Absolutely not.

And I'm not saying to panic if it happens sooner, but like, I'd be panicking.

Mind you, I'll answer the Facetime and replay the scenario over and over again in my head for time to come. But if he can't love me at my ogre, he doesn't deserve me at my Fiona.

11. This is a friggin' vibe, tho! 

Twitter | @brookepobjoy

This girl is gonna be opening eyes instead of shutting them on this red-eye.

Good for you, girl. I always show up to the airport looking like an actual sewer rat!

12. First of all, why was this guy's grandma even near his head with such a sharp and electric object?

Twitter | @TySadow28

Grandmas are amazing at one million things. Haircuts? I think not.

Nanna did you dirty, son.

13. What I wanna know is: who sent you?!

Twitter | @SElZURE

Is this a common household pet for some people, or some sort of Godfather scenario meant as a threat?

Either way, I'm shocked and upset.

14. Watch this cat follow a YouTube makeup tutorial better than me! 

Twitter | @Katiemphillips

This is why we gotta keep our valuables locked up. Y'all never know when our pets will discover a new (expensive) passion!

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