Folly Farm

A Retirement Home For Aging Sloths Exists In The UK, And My Heart Can't Take It

Folly Farm, a zoo in Wales, UK, is helping elderly sloths continue to live their chilled out lives in peace.

They created a little retirement village for them to "enjoy their golden years in comfort and style," and it's such a great idea.

Folly Farm is taking in older 'retired' sloths from other zoos, and giving them a comfortable space to relax and chill in.

Folly Farm

Just like humans who have worked long hard lives, sloths deserve a chill place to hang out in and enjoy the retired life.

So far, Folly Farm is housing two two-toed sloths, Tuppee and Lightcap. Tuppee is 24 and Ligthcap is 34.

Instagram | @follyfarmwales

I wish I could have retired at 24!

The farm pays extra attention to their aged abilities, such as softening their food a bit more for easy chewing, and adding supplements like cod liver for added health.

Instagram | @follyfarmwales

The farm is even considering lowering their branches to account for their even slower and more delicate bodies. Imagine climbing and hanging upside down for that many years! I can imagine it would be hard to climb the same.

Tuppee, pictured here, is described as being grumpy and mischievous, but is a "softie at heart." I love that for Tuppee!

Instagram | @follyfarmwales

Conservation has always been a major part of Folly Farm, but they never expected that housing older animals would become part of that. But, they realized aging animals are just as important as breeding pairs, and they deserve to live happy and comfortable lives in peace and safety.

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