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Mariah Carey Took Her Daughter On A Lavish Shopping Spree To Target

I often wonder what it would be like to have a famous celebrity parent. Personally I think it's the ideal type of fame.

Famous by association? Absolutely!

Another gorgeous part of having a famous parent would be the bougie shopping sprees, amirite???

Imagine your mom was Mariah Carey for a second, like ??? Someone shut down Rodeo Drive real quick for me and momma Mariah.

Well as you may know, Mariah's (real) kids are so grown up now!

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Twins Moroccan and Monroe are already eight years old!

And in the sweetest news of the day, Mariah took her dauhgter Monroe for a girls night out yesterday.

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It started with dinner and ended up at Monroe's favorite store...


Instagram | @mariahcarey

On her Instagram, Mariah wrote:

Me: pick anywhere in the world you want to go to for a shopping spree

My daughter:

Honestly Monroe, SAME!

Chanel? Forget it.

Louis Vuttion? Who needs her.

Target is always #1!

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