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Twitter Is Furious Over New '60 Minutes' Episode Bashing Meghan Markle

Honestly, why anyone ever has the audacity to come for Meghan Markle I'll never understand. It's an evil in this world that just doesn't compute for me.

Cause seriously, y'all— what's not to love about her?

The Duchess of Sussex, aka our gorl Meghan Markle, has been under a microscope since marrying Prince Harry.

And the press has been absolutely horrific to the duchess for no good reason.

Remember when the harassment got so bad Meghan's FRIEND GEORGE CLOONEY had to step in and say BACK OFF?

Well, the British tabloids have yet to cut poor Meghan a break, and it seems Australia (???) has also hopped on the hate train.

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Disgusting, tbh.

"60 Minutes Australia" released a one minute teaser clip of their upcoming Sunday night episode, "Inside a Royal crisis."

The show will feature Katie Hopkins, who self identifies as the "biggest [explective] in Britain," as well as other British TV personalities.

The episode will dive into how Meghan went apparently went from "adored to insufferable."

Can you feel my eye roll through the screen???

Friends and fans alike immediately took to Twitter to defend Megan.

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Many feel it's absolutely insane that Meghan is facing backlash over merely existing while Royal family member Prince Andrew, Duke of York has been accused of soliciting and engaging in sex with underage girls.

Others feel it's a racist attack on Meghan.

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Whatever it is, it's absolute trash and our sweet Meghan deserves none of it.


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