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Ariana Grande Accused Of 'Appropriating Black Aesthetics' After Mood Board Leaks

Ariana Grande being accused of cultural appropriation is, unfortunately, nothing new. Sometimes it's backlash over a new rap music video. Other times, it's when she looks "too tan" on the cover of Vogue.

This time is a lil' different though, mainly because it involves a fashion ~mood~ board.

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Which sounds like something I did in seventh grade when I wanted to change my lewk for the new school year, but I digress.

Ari's Sweetener World Tour mood board has been leaked on social media and people are PISSED.

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The Instagram account @diet_prada posted the pics that inspired all of Ari's awesome tour outfits.

"Multiple designers approached by her team to create costumes for the 2019 Sweetener tour have shared with us a PDF moodboard sent to them by her team," wrote Diet Prada.

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"72% of the four-page document features black women as a reference (mostly Rihanna and a couple of Ciara images)."

However Law Roach, Ari's stylist, quickly stepped in to clarify that he had designed the mood board, not Ari.

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This drama comes just days after Ari sued Forever 21, claiming they copied her aesthetic with a look-a-like model for their ad campaign.

“The mood board was created by me (a black man) for her. So am I stealing from my own culture??? She didn’t style herself people," Roach wrote.

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What do you think of the mood board?

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