10+ Movie Facts That Sound Fake But Are Totally True

Yes, that's right folks. Believe it or not, these facts about movies are real.

So put away those skeptical hats and throw on your "I can't believe that" face, 'cause we're getting into it.

1. Willy Wonka's Cup


Remember that "candy" teacup that Willy Wonka took a bite out of in the "Pure Imagination" scene?

Well, it wasn't actually candy, it was wax, so Gene Wilder had to spit it out between takes.

2. Michael Caine Is Terrified Of Joker

When Alfred (Michael Caine) first saw Heath Ledger in his Joker makeup, he was so terrified of what he saw that he forgot the line he was supposed to say.

3. The Necklace Scene In *Pretty Woman*


Remember that kind of weird scene where Richard Gere snaps the necklace closed before Julia Roberts could grab it?

Well, that was improvised, and her reaction was totally natural.

4. The Princess Trips


In Princess Diaries, the moment where Mia climbed the bleachers and tripped wasn't supposed to happen, that was just Anne Hathaway being an adorable dork.

Obviously, director Garry Marshall kept it in the film.

5. Kurt Russell Messes Up


In The Hateful 8, there's this scene where Daisy Domergue is playing a beautiful antique guitar (probably not antique in the film's universe, but antique in ours).

It's a pretty nice scene, until Kurt Russell's character, John Ruth, comes over and smashes it.


Now, Daisy was supposed to play the antique guitar for some cuts and switch to a smashable guitar for the smashing take.

Let's just say that didn't happen and Kurt Russell smashed a beautiful antique guitar.

6. Rocky Gets Knocked Out


So it's Rocky IV now, and Sylvester Stallone (Rocky) is going up against Dolph Lundgren (Ivan Drago). In an effort to make the scenes look more realistic, Stallone told Lundgren to actually punch him in certain moments.

It didn't end well for Stallone, who ended up in the hospital for five days.

7. Spielberg Makes No Money From *Schindler's List*


He refused to take any. He said that it would be "blood money" and made sure all the profits went back into the Jewish community.

What a good guy! Or should I say what a Mensch?

8. Stanley Kubrick Destroys Sets


Stanley Kubrick, being the level-headed gent that he's known to be, destroyed all the sets and props from 2001: A Space Odyssey so they wouldn't be used in any "lesser" Sci-Fi movies.

9. Catwoman's Uncomfortable Costume


As sexy as it may be, gents, there is no possible way that a Catwoman suit could be comfortable.

Michelle Pfeiffer learned this the hard way because she had to be vacuum-sealed into hers every day of shooting Batman Returns.

10. *Titanic* Was Super Expensive


Not talking about the original ship here, although that couldn't have been cheap.

As a matter of fact, the movie Titanic cost more to make than the ship, itself!

We could've made another one with that money, James Cameron!

11. Chris Farley Was Going To Be Shrek


As much as it is love and life, one person lost their life so we could have Mike Myers play the iconic role.

That was Chris Farley, who died before he could finish voicing the character.

12. Psycho's Toilet


Psycho was the first American movie ever to show a shot with a flushing toilet.

This caused much controversy in its time!

13. O.J. Simpson Was Supposed To Be The Terminator


That's right! Football star and guy who possibly did some other stuff I can't remember, O.J. Simpson was supposed to be the T-800.

Why didn't James Cameron cast him? He said the footballer was "too pleasant".

14. Seven Days

The Nightmare Before Christmas may be a fun movie for us to watch, but it didn't sound that fun to make.

It took the crew seven days to produce only one minute of stop motion animation.

15. Paralyzed

David Holmes, who was Daniel Radcliffe's Harry Potter stunt double, was paralyzed while doing a stunt for the movie.

Radcliffe hosted an auction to pay for Holmes' bills while he was in the hospital.

16. Asbestos Snowstorm


Do you remember the snowstorm in the poppy field of The Wizard of Oz?

That was actually asbestos that was falling gracefully on the actors.

17. Torture Endurance

In How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, Jim Carrey had to complete torture-endurance training from the CIA.

This was to help him get through the makeup for the Grinch, which took 8.5 hours each day.

18. Julie Andrews Was Flung Into The Mud

It's exactly how it sounds.

Every time the helicopter passed her while she was filming The Sound of Music on the hill, it sprayed mud all over her because of the rain.

19. Hair Piece

Sorry to burst your happy bubble here, but Sean Connery wore a toupee when he played James Bond.

Hey, he still sells the role, that's what matters.

20. R2-D2's Name Comes From *American Graffiti*

George Lucas directed American Graffiti while he was still in the development phase of Star Wars.

Walter Murch, the sound designer for American Graffiti, had a reel titled R2-D2, and claims George Lucas couldn't get that name out of his head.

21. Pigs Are Not Good Actors

Babe was not made with one cute pig that could nail all his scenes.

In fact, it took 48 pigs to deliver that movie magic.

22. Pumbaa's Gas

Pumbaa is the first Disney character to ever fart.

Maybe Disney thought that farting wasn't family-friendly.