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Cameron Boyce's Family Joins Kenny Ortega In Honoring Cameron During Walk Of Fame Ceremony

Kenny Ortega, director of Hocus Pocus, Newsies, the High School Musical trilogy, and the Descendants trilogy was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The 'Descendants' films starred actor Cameron Boyce.

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Cameron tragically passed away on July 6th in his sleep due to a seizure. Cameron was only 20 years old.

Cameron's family was devastated.

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A statement released on behalf of the family read, "We are utterly heartbroken and ask for privacy during this immensely difficult time as we grieve the loss of our precious son and brother."

His family have since spoken publicly about their grief.

Cameron's father, Victor, tweeted that he was overwhelmed and grateful for the love and support the family received. His mother, Libby released a photo of her and her son with the caption, "He is my compass." Cameron's sister Maya shared the above posts to Instagram.

At the Walk of Fame ceremony for Kenny Ortega, Cameron's family was there.

His parents and his sister all were present at the ceremony in honor of Cameron's closeness with Ortega. Ortega ended his speech with a shoutout to Cameron and his family.

"Cameron Boyce was so excited for me and wanted to be here, but he isn’t here today."

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Ortega continued, "His all-too brief appearance in this life inspired me beyond words and many of us here and generations of kids and families all over the world.”

"His extraordinary talent and loving heart will be remembered through his foundation, The Cameron Boyce Foundation, and has been set up by his family to remember Cameron by continuing his pursuit to make positive change in the world."

“And with this, I promise Cameron I will take this goodness with me, in all the days of my life,” Ortega finished.

The Cameron Boyce foundation has already received thousands of donations.

The foundation was set up by Cameron's family in order to honor Cameron's love and positivity in his life.