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Zoë Is The Cat With Her Heart On Her Chest

There are some pets that have so much heart, and then there are some pets that quite literally have hearts on them.

This cat, Zoë's, fur is marked with a giant black heart on her chest, but she's anything but cold-hearted!

Zoë is such a striking cat for many reasons.

Instagram | @izzyandthefluff

I mean, just check out her piercing fluorescent yellow eyes!

However, unlike her sibling Izzy, Zoë has a giant black heart marked on her chest.

Instagram | @izzyandthefluff

It couldn't be in a more perfect spot!

The heart marking is honestly pretty symmetrical, too.

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It's like she has a natural tattoo!

She is such a lovable cat, and not just because she wears a heart on her chest.

Instagram | @izzyandthefluff

No wonder why her and sis have amassed over 340K followers on their Instagram page — they've definitely stolen everyone's hearts!

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