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The Jonas Brothers Surprised Cancer Patient In Hospital After She Invited Them To Visit Her

In the best news story of the week, the Jonas Brothers surprised their fan Lily Jordan in the Penn State Children's Hospital last week after receiving her invitation on Instagram.

Lily Jordan, a sixteen-year-old cancer patient jokingly invited the band to visit her in her hospital room while the brothers were in Hershey, Pennsylvania on their "Happiness Begins" tour.

"A gal can dream!" she wrote along with a picture of the Instagram story she had posted.

"@Jonasbrothers I was supposed to be at your Hershey concert tomorrow but instead I'm across the street doing chemo :/ if y'all wanted to pop in I'll give you my room #" she wrote.

Her post got thousands of shares all over social media. Pennsylvania Rep. Scott Perry even shared the invite!

Luckily, #Lilyseesthejonasbrotherschallenge2019 went from a dream to a reality when the brothers stopped by shortly before their show!

Lily has been battling cancer for years and continues to be a light and inspiration for so many young people going through similar circumstances.

It sounds like there couldn't have been a more deserving fan!

"Thank you thank you thank you @Jonasbrothers for taking time out of your day to come pay me a visit," Lily wrote on Instagram.

Instagram | @ljsworkinprogress

"Literally made my life," she added.

Told you it was the best news story of the week!