Viking Ocean Cruises

The Longest Cruise In The World Is 245 Days And Visits 6 Continents

If your bucket list includes a lot of travel, then this may be just the cruise for you.

In 245 days, you can check 51 countries off your list, assuming you have the free time and a good chunk of change.

The 'Viking Ultimate World Cruise' leaves Greenwich on September 1, 2019 for its first ever trip around the world.

Viking Ocean Cruises

Of course, such a trip doesn't come cheap. The least expensive stateroom costs £66,990 (about $81446 USD) per person and the most expensive suite is over $200,000.

However, broken down by day, that's only a little over $300 per night, which is pretty average for a high-end hotel. There's just a whole lot of nights in this trip.

The Viking Sun can accommodate 930 passengers, which is positively intimate compared to bigger cruise ships.

They've thought out the whole trip, including each of their eight onboard restaurants having planned a different menu for all 245 days, themed to match the cruise's current location on the map.

There is also the time commitment to consider.

Unsurprisingly, the non-millionaire passengers booked on the sold out cruise are mostly retirees.

Viking’s head of sales, Neil Barclay, told _The Guardian:

"It’s a mixture of people. You’ve got your savers, and it's something they have always wanted to do. You’ve got your retirees. For a lot it will be a one-off, ticking the boxes."

But even so, few people can actually leave their lives behind for eight months.

Viking Ocean Cruises

Of the 930 passengers booked on this landmark trip, only 54 have signed up for the whole thing.

The rest have decided to enjoy half the cruise before disembarking in Los Angeles. But they'll be replaced with a whole new group that have only booked to travel the second half of the route.

So what do you think?

Is this the ultimate bucket list trip or absolute insanity catering only to the elite?

I kind of think it's somewhere in the middle, but I definitely wouldn't say no to the adventure if I could go!