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Sophie Turner Finally Met Jonathan Van Ness

There are oh so few moments in life that make us swoon and gag for days the way this adorable video of superstar of life Jonathan Van Ness meeting queen Sophie Turner.

Sophie Turner has had ~quite~ the summer. After "Game of Thrones" ended, she got married to Joe Jonas and has been on the Jonas Brothers tour for the past few weeks.

This J-sister's life meant Sophie accompanied Joe to the VMAs this past Monday.

Now this obviously has it's perks, like partying with Lizzo and and ya know, being married to JOE JONAS.

Instagram | @sophieturner

But the best part of Sophie's night seemed to be meeting Jonathan Van Ness, the iconic hairdresser/podcaster television personality from Netflix's smash hit series Queer Eye.

This video has been blowing up the internet cause it's so damn SWEET!

JVN seems so shook that Sophie knows his name and the two hit it off immediately.

I've watched this video 9 times over and it makes me so happy every single time.

My fav part? When he tells Sophie her ending on "GoT" was the "only one he could stomach."

Oh, the shade of it all!