15+ Pics Of People Who Are Going Through Some Stuff Right Now

Life absolutely gets complicated, and sometimes you can feel completely alone when you're the one dealing with stuff.

I can't say that I know exactly what you're going through, but if you can get any kind of feeling of comfort or solidarity from seeing that other people are dealing with stuff, too, then hopefully this article will help.

1. You know those nightmares you still have about school even though you graduated a long time ago? This is the IRL equivalent of that.

Twitter | @chloeestell

Except in this case, at least the person wasn't naked. Or wasn't heading into an exam that they hadn't studied for. Those are my big two scholastic nightmares.

2. Honestly, same.

Reddit | Redditor005050

When I'm picturing this scenario, this person has also spilled some of the taco onto their phone and that's just adding sadness to injury. Now there's a phrase! I'm totally going to use Adding Sadness to Injury as the title of my autobiography.

3. You know you're not putting out great energy into the world when this is what people think of you. 

Reddit | Ms_Sugarbaker

If I had to bet, I'd guess that this kid wasn't going to pursue a career in education, but I've been wrong before.

4. Sometimes your favorite wedding photo ends up being memorable for reasons other than the ones you would expect.

Reddit | Zombiebelle

But hey, you invited the dog to be a part of things because it's part of the family. You get what you get.

5. Sometimes it seems like the universe is out to stop you from making your art.

Other times it's just some jerk in a truck. Honestly, most of the time, it's just some jerk in a truck. My brother's a big truck guy, so I'm clearly still working through some stuff.

6. Anyone who's worked a day in retail knows what shifts like this feel like.

Reddit | Reddit

If you think it's tempting to make a mess in a store, imagine what it's like setting up a display knowing some 8-year-old is going to tear it down in, like, five minutes.

7. Sometimes you need to send your sadness out into the world, just to see if somebody will notice.

Reddit | Reddit

I mean, it's probably pretty weird for me to reach out the mechanic and see if they're okay, but I'd still rather take that chance.

8. During natural disasters, there are some crises that are more important than others.

Reddit | merrell0

Somehow, I'm doubting that this guy's request is at the top of FEMA's priorities, but that doesn't mean it's not important to him.

9. I am having a hard time imagining that this bus is heading anywhere positive.

Imgur | 3point14159mp

Also, this doesn't seem like the most important detail, but is that an Ewok getting onto that bus? What is happening here?

10. If your party isn't going to be this wild, I'm afraid it'll be im-possum-ble.

Imgur | LaCubana

Sometimes all you need is someone to get you through the night after you rage a little too hard.

11. Sometimes it sucks to know that you're just never going to be the best.

Reddit | TheSilentCool

But hey, sometimes you also learn how to thrive in the shadows. That's real Little Brother Energy right there.

12. Sometimes you just want a little sample but you end up with a whole mouthful.

Except, in my case, it's lying to myself and saying that I just want a small bite when I know I'm going to eat the whole cake/bag of chips/whatever.

13. So, I realize I said that this would be "people" going through some stuff, but hear me out.

Reddit | madding247

I think this fly is literally trying to go through something.

14. Sometimes, getting through stuff is a process and you need all the help that you can get.

My workstation is basically littered with post-it notes reminding me how to be an adult. So I get this mood.

15. "We're so festive, it'll leave you dead!"

Reddit | The_Gr8_Sakura

I dunno if they ran out of garland and had to straighten it out or what, but this is definitely not giving the mood I think they're going for.

16. I think we've all be in this mode at least once in our lives.

LolSnaps | LolSnaps

My coworker just told me that she once spent three hours in the parking lot trying to find her car before she realized that she was in the wrong parking lot. So...at least you're not her.

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