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10+ People Who Should Never, Ever Attempt A Home DIY Again

Home improvement projects can save you a lot of money when you do it yourself. And they can also be so satisfying when you realize you are able to tackle a problem without professional help.

On the other hand, some jobs are simply better left for a specialist. So as a little warning to you check out these home DIY projects that failed miserably.

1. But Safety First

Reddit | TheCreatorLovesYou

I can't stress this enough, please don't do this at home. Somehow I don't think this is a safe fuse replacement. This looks frightening to me.

2. A Bad Patch-Up Job

Reddit | Mouthmouthmouth

I understand frustration can sometimes take over but leaving a job in a condition like this will simply not solve the problem. Really?

3. Where's The Doorknob?

Reddit | pointlessdavid42

Is this the most clever doorknob replacement idea or the silliest thing you have ever seen? Somehow my vote goes for the latter.

4. Electrocution Shower

Reddit | MieranManmal

I think the only solution, in this case, is to either gut the shower or move. Unless you're looking for some kind of different rush.

5. Toilet Problem

Reddit | acidmine

Those with tight spaces might appreciate this little home DIY fix. While it doesn't look too pretty it seems to do the trick. What do you think?

6. Duct Tape To The Rescue

Reddit | xerozeroxero

Why spend money on some expensive door fix when the good ol' duct tape is all you need. Looks so professional. No?

7. Mighty Surprise

Reddit | TheCreatorLovesYou

Imagine popping those outlet covers up to uncover this hidden mess. Wow, talk about a bang up job here. I'm being sarcastic of course. Yikes!

8. Leak Stop

Reddit | ackovacs1

Who needs to hire a plumber when you can just use your own ingenuity to fix that leak in your bathroom. You're the DIY king, aren't you?

9. Cardboard Patch


And here's another genius toilet fix for your viewing pleasure. I'm not sure how long this one will last but somehow I don't think they really care.

10. Pipe Fix

Reddit | TomBakerFTW

It seems that pipes are the culprits when it comes to household problems but fear not, there's always a clever home DIY solutions like this one.

11. Roofing Around

Reddit | Uatatoka

Getting your roof fixed on the cheap can be a tall order but it didn't seem to faze a homeowner with this DIY solution. Interesting!

12. Carpet Fix

Reddit | facaded

So this seems like an obvious solution to that carpet that doesn't fit under the door. Right? I mean, why bother making the door fit?

13. Pamper It Up

Reddit | C0L0RUM

There must be a reason for that leaky ceiling but why investigate further when you came up with a genius fix for that leak.

Next time you think you can fix that household problem all by yourself just remember these miserable fails.

And don't say I didn't warn you. You can thank me later.