Separating Couples Are Creating 'Divorce Registries' To Stock Their Fresh Start

Engagements, weddings, babies. We have registries for major milestones in our lives, and they're an amazing way to gift the people you love the things they'll need for the next phase of their lives.

But what about when a phase ends? What happens to your stuff when you're no longer with the person you shared everything with? That's where divorce registries come in.

Here's the thing: People WANT divorce registries.

As much as you may scoff, a lot of people are calling for a divorce registry. Why? Because for many ex-couples, divorce means this: you're about to lose half the stuff you own. Appliances, dishes, furniture — odds are, you're not going to get to keep all of it.

No one understands that like Fresh Starts Registry founder Olivia Dreizen Howell.

"There’s no place that celebrates these big life changes. We tend to celebrate babies and weddings, but not everything else in between," she told The New York Post.

After her own divorce, Olivia realized that she didn't have a toothbrush holder anymore.

She was missing something.

"I only had the one I shared with my ex," she said. "It was such a pivotal moment. I thought, ‘Why isn’t there a place that people can go and get product recommendations and celebrate this change, while bringing their community in?"

So she teamed up with a friend.

Olivia and co-founder Genevieve Dreizen decided to launch Fresh Starts Registry in October 2021.

They weren't alone, though. Another pair of friends had a similar idea. Eliza Cussen and Elizabeth Paulson also created a divorce registry — Divorcist.

Needless to say, the concept is growing in popularity.

People are actually super into it.

The way we think about divorce has changed in the last two decades. For some, divorce is liberating. Marking that as an event is important, and so is giving people new tools to rebuild their lives.

Both companies state they're not just for divorces.

"Whether it’s a divorce, separation, coming out, moving on, or simply a new beginning, we’re here to help you through it all. From buying new towels and sheets to finding a lawyer or therapist," Fresh Starts' site reads.

They're focused on helping people who have lost it all.

Whether it's the newly divorced, someone ostracized for coming out, or those going through a breakup, both sites strive to help people get their feet under them once more.

Plus, it just makes sense!

These days, couples often come together after living seperately, right? That means they're already equipped with tons of stuff that would traditionally be on a marriage registry. But after a divorce, you lose it all!

What do you think of this idea?

Far from it being a way to get presents, divorce registries are a meaningful way to rebuild a life. I'm a huge fan of this concept! What do you think of it? Do you wish you'd had one at some point in your life? Let me know!