Amazon Driver Faces Off Against Bear In Order To Make A Delivery

Past headlines have shared accounts of Amazon delivery drivers working through some gnarly conditions, namely disastrous weather, but that's not the only type of danger these drivers seem to be facing.

A video captured on a Ring camera and uploaded to TikTok showed one driver facing off against a wild predator in order to still make his delivery, despite being urged to leave by the home's owner.

A viral TikTok showed what one Amazon driver encountered recently.

Unsplash | Nico Baum

The origins of the video are unclear, as it was reposted to an account called @tiktoksoso595 where it garnered over 4.5 million views and over 5000k likes, though it's shown that this was all filmed by the homeowner's Ring camera.

The video begins with the driver approaching the Ring.

It cuts, but he presumably enters a code given by the homeowner during purchase in order to open the gate. As the gate begins to open, said homeowner comes over the speaker.

In a panicked voice, he says, "Stop, stop, stop right now, there's a bear right there."

"That's a bear!" he repeats until he sees the Amazon driver stop.

As the gate opens further, the driver registers what's being said and even sees the bear, taking a few steps backward to the middle of the driveway.

The homeowner urges him to back away more, but it seems our hero isn't moving.

The bear then comes into frame.

It climbs atop the stone fence surrounding the property, looking down at the driver.

The two stare at each other for a moment as the homeowner speaks again through the speaker. "Go back—go back to your car, that's fine," he says as someone is heard yelling in the background.

As he says this, though, the driver does something amazing.

The same trick many of us were taught as children if we were ever to encounter a wild animal, he raises his arms in the air to appear bigger than the bear.

And it works! Almost immediately, the bear backs down and turns around, hopping off the fence, through the yard, and into the street.

Those watching through the camera cannot believe their eyes.

The homeowner laughs, and others make exclaimed sounds of wonder, all while the driver cooly walks forward in order to make his delivery.

It was quite the show, one that TikTok users were happy to joke about in the comments.

Many chose to pick on Amazon's notoriously poor work environments.

Unsplash | Andrew Stickelman

"I worked for Amazon and if you don’t do the delivery they make you fight bears at the warehouse anyways," wrote one user.

"Getting written up by Amazon must be worse than being eaten by a bear!!" said another, both comments earning well over 10,000 likes on their own.

Others chose to celebrate the driver's bravery in the face of danger.

One assumed this wasn't his first time facing off against a bear, writing, "That guy has ran into a couple bears before, dude on speaker was more afraid [than the] guy in front of the bear lol."

Another simply stated, "[UPS] could never."

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