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People Are Embracing Their Gorgeous Grays With The Grombré Trend

Going gray is a natural part of aging, but you sure wouldn't know it from the way our society treats gray hair.

See, the attitude around gray hair is pretty negative. Instead of treating it as something cool — a mark of years well-lived and earned — we treat gray hair as something of an invader. Unwelcome, unwanted, and necessary to cover up.

Enter grombré.

Grombré involves the radical act of loving your changing hair.

Unsplash | Natasha Brazil

The odd reality is that we can start to go gray at any age. I've started noticing grey hair in my bangs, and I'm 32! Instead of covering it, however, I'm just going to let it grombré!

People of all ages have embraced their gray hair.

Gray hair can happen to anyone and any time, and it's natural! Why not show off the fascinating things our hair does? The grey looks like shining silver highlights!

I personally think hair color trends help normalize grombré.

Unsplash | Alexandra Tran

The platinum/silver hair trend totally redefined how an entire generation thinks about gray hair. Instead of dreading it, people started dyeing their hair grey for fun! That trend definitely ushered in an acceptance of gray hair.

Some grombré fans said as much, too!

"In December 2016, I was 42 with an 11-month-old and bemoaning my 'disrespectful' grey halo that I needed to henna/indigo. Two younger colleagues at work who always expressed their love of silver hair said to me, 'Why don’t you stop dyeing it and let it grow out?'" @hairscapades wrote on Instagram.

She did, and the results are stunning!

Some, like Rochelle, got tired of coloring their hair.

"I’m bored of going to get my colour done every three weeks, and I’d prefer to put the money to other things," she said. "It’s liberating!!"

Others just loved the look and the trend.

"I came across the grey hair movement on Instagram and noticed so many young women my age embracing their beautiful silver hair," Audrey said. " Last year I decided to let it grow and I freakin loved it."

People are embracing their grays every single day.

"I feel like I read a ‘gray hair rule’ that said to not wear gray ... that it’ll wash you out or something? Here is to breaking all of the rules then, because I am discovering that I love the way I look in gray (hair and clothes!)!!"

There's no need to be afraid.

"I started graying at the ripe age of 13. I dyed my hair all through my 20s and 30s. At age 39 with my mom’s encouragement I let my gray go and now I LOVE my salt and pepper crown!"

Normalize gray hair!

I'd especially love to see it normalized in younger people, since grays can start in your teens. It would be so nice to embrace the silver and see where your hair wants to take you without judgement from others!