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Relationship Expert Shares Rules That Can Save People's Marriages

Being in a relationship takes a lot of work. When a couple decides to embark on the journey of love together, a lot of things come into play.

Two people, who are two different humans with two different views of the world, come together to spend their lives together. It can be a lot to handle and a lot of things can get messy.

It's only natural that couples fight and go through some hard times.

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No relationship is 100% perfect, and despite what people think, couples always fight.

There are disagreements and problems that happen, because no one's life is perfect. But, when handled the right way, fights don't mean that the relationship is over.

Relationship experts have tons of tips to help couples stay on track and together.

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There are relationship experts all over the world who share insight into relationships and how to keep the spark alive.

Alex Mellor-Brook, Co-founder (MD), Internationally Certified Matchmaker & Dating Expert at Select Person, recently shared his own list of rules that all couples should follow for a long and successful marriage.

The first rule is to always have open communication with each other.

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Talking to your partner is very important. You should always speak your mind and your heart so that you two stay on the same page. Alex says it's super important for couples to set aside time to discuss "everything," from their relationship to finances, and all the in-between.

Always respect each other.

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At the forefront, you should always treat your significant other with respect to their face and even behind their back.

Respect is very important, especially when you are in a fight or in a disagreement. You should also respect their time and their space, when they need it.

Affirmations are always big in the beginning of relationships, but sometimes taper off.

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Many couples give each other affirmations at the beginning of relationships, saying how much they care for each other and how much they love each other. But, that shouldn't stop.

"Maybe express gratitude for something they have gone out of their way to do for you, compliment on a new hairstyle, new clothing or jewelry," said Alex.

Take personal space.

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Many couples think the more time spent together the better, but, in reality, couples should also take their own personal space.

Having your own life outside of the relationship is very important to keep things exciting.

However, spend time together when you can.

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Taking personal space is just as important as spending time together, too.

Making time to have shared experiences and to create new memories is key for all couples to keep that spark alive and everything thriving.

Don't compare yourself to other couples.

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Social media makes it very easy to want to look at other couples and compare your marriage or relationship to someone else.

But, everyone posts their "highs" on social media, and never their lows. The social media craze should prove that comparing is an ultimate killer.

Make an effort, always.

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You should always make an effort in your relationship but also, in yourself.

While you may not think it's important, putting an effort into your look and your appearance can make your significant other feel good and happy in your marriage, too.

Always be honest.

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“How you present the honesty is important as being too direct, blunt, insensitive or sarcastic can be perceived as aggressive which is counterproductive," said Alex. So, being honest is important, but also be sure to do honesty right.

And, be open to accepting honesty.

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“How you receive these truths is also important, so always validate, never dismiss and don’t use this honesty against your partner during any heated argument you may have in the future, as you will lose their respect and trust," Alex said.

These rules definitely seem like they can keep any marriage alive.