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Viewers Defend A Couple's Strict Rules For Their Marriage That Originally Caused Backlash

Putting your relationship out there for the world to judge isn't easy.

People are always going to have an opinion — good and bad. But that didn't stop one couple from sharing their strict list of rules they have for their marriage on TikTok.

With rules like "no being alone with the opposite sex" and "putting one another above their parents", there was some backlash, to say the least.

The controversial video was shared by Bailey McPherson.

She's a California-based Christian wife and mother of one who knows that her and her husband's marriage is controversial.

That's precisely why she titled her viral video, “Rules my husband and I have for our marriage that make people ANGRY.”

While a song played in the background, more than two million viewers watched as she danced and shared their rules.

First up was "no friends of the opposite sex."

It took a swift nosedive from there. "No work gfs/bfs or being alone with the opposite sex," the text overlay read.

"Start a riot," Bailey mouthed as she shared the final rule: "No texting the opposite sex without the other knowing."

Unsurprisingly, Bailey's video was flooded with negative comments.

“Tell me you don’t trust your partner without telling me you don’t trust your partner,” one follower wrote.

Many others described her as “insecure” and “insane.”

The comments got so bad that she was forced to disable her comments beneath the video.

But that still didn't stop Bailey from posting a part two of her controversial marriage rules. "More rules my Husband and I have in our marriage that make people ANGRY," she titled the video.

The first additional rule was "no lusting after others (no following scandalous pages)."

This led to the next rule of "no porn."

While a lot of couples would likely agree with these two rules, the next one was a bit more controversial. She wrote that they must always put each other first.

This includes choosing one another over their parents.

Agree or disagree?

Viewers let Bailey know what they think by flooding her other videos with comments.

“Lmao, the fact you think these rules will keep a person faithful shows how delusional you are. A person will do what they want to do," one wrote.

Instead of turning her comments back on, McPherson defended some of their rules in a follow-up video.

She defended the fact that she has no friends of the opposite sex.

“I personally feel like as a married woman, I have no need for a companionship with another man that I cannot get with my husband."

"My husband has no need for a companionship with another woman that he cannot get from his wife," she continued.

She also defended their rule against pornography, saying that it would lead to “stronger intimacy in partnerships,” “healthier body image” and “better emotional health.”

Some viewers actually agreed with Bailey, with one writing that her rules actually help save a marriage.

"Saw your other video and same about the marriage stuff. Even marriage counselors will say how those things can often cause a break in relationships."

"I saw people making fun of your video about marriage but I honestly agree with all of it," another wrote.

"I love your marriage rules! The people commenting negatively are just mad they aren't in a stable, loving relationship like you!" a third validated her.

Bailey isn't the first Christan wife to come under fire for her marriage rules.

In the past, actress Candace Cameron Bure faced backlash for saying that she's a "submissive" wife to her husband, Valeria Bure.

But since Bure isn't backing down from her statements, it's unlikely that Bailey will, either!

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